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City Hall is under attack by armed gunman. As Wild Dog holds them off, Ollie tends to the DA who was shot. Dig, Felicity, Curtis and Dinah examine one of their weapons. Military grade assault weapon was used. Wild dog talks to Lance at the police station, where Lance may have gotten a look at the guy. Thea and Ollie visit the DA at the hospital. Curtis and Wild Dog fight about gun control as Ollie finds who uses those assault rifles. Vigilante shows up and kills the suspect as Felicity tells Ollie the shooter Is a middle aged man with no record.

Ollie had a press conference about the shooting. The shooters family was killed in a mall shooting after a gun registry bill wasn’t passed. The reporters ask about Ollie’s stance but he doesn’t answer. After a discussion about being Green Arrow and being Mayor, he wants a list of politicians involved in the bill. Ollie talks about the bill with a Councilwoman. Dig and Dinah hunt down leads and talk about getting back to normal. Curtis and Wild Dog go to a support group for information on the suspect. They find a floor plan for Starling General in the shooters apartment. Ollie assembles the team, but goes as Mayor and talks the man out of violence. The police arrest him after he gives Ollie the gun. Ollie and Wild Dog worked out a bill that the Councilwoman agreed to back. Dinah got an apartment and signed up for the SCPD and Curtis convinced Wild Dog to get his daughter back. The flashbacks told Wild Dog’s back story.

Okay… Here are my positives: Dinah’s scenes with Dig, Wild Dog’s Back Story, and seeing Ollie do some Mayoral duties.

Image via The CW

Now I’m pretty much going to dump on the rest of the episode. I was fine with the somewhat politicized episodes of “Supergirl”. This was straight up a Pro-Gun Control ad. I’m not going to discuss my personal beliefs here, but my problems had nothing to do with them. I was completely annoyed by the Curtis/Wild Dog thing and felt like Felicity. The idea that there was an unpreventable event involving guns would be fine, if they dealt with it like a normal superhero would. The comics have done a hell of a lot better touching on social issues and tragedies. This was Berlanti, Guggenheim and Kriesberg putting their beliefs into the episode. Even bringing in current political climate information to the debate. If I want to gear a debate like this, I’ll do what I normally do and watch the multiple news sites to get the gist of the situation. Not in a superhero show. Especially not in “Arrow”, where he uses guns and kills people on a list… the show is being hypocritical to the main character. He had no problem using guns in Russia the episode before. It was very tasteless in the way they did it and it pretty much made me pissed off the whole episode. This may not be the worst episode of “Arrow”, but it’s in the Top Ten worst for sure. Not to mention that some assistant to the Deputy Mayor helped craft a city ordinance establishing a gun registry and the main Councilwoman, who was against it less than 24 hours before, just agrees to it.

The speech at the end was touching, but by then the episode angered me so much that I couldn’t have cared less about it. The press conference was stupid. Why was the Mayor at a hospital talking down a gunman? The Councilwoman wasn’t curious as to how he knew about the hospital before the police? Also, what was the team doing at the hospital? They were standing around instead of searching the building? How did Wild Dog know from an unmarked permanent marker drawing of one floor that it was plans to the hospital? Where was Ollie’s reporter girlfriend? This would have been great for her exposé she’s gonna write about Ollie being the Green Arrow.

I get what they were trying to do. They wanted to show that sometimes the hero can’t save everyone, but they failed. You want to see it done better? Pick up “Love is love” from DC and IDW, curated by Marc Andreyko. It’s a great book filled with stories just like this involving the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, but executed a hell of a lot better. I’m very disappointed as you can tell. This almost made me drop the show. Stephen Amell did his best acting through this and I commend him, but shame on the writers for making it a political issue rather than Ollie dealing with the guilt of not being able to save people.

Rant over. Sorry about that… My score is going to be very low. I’ll give it a 30%.


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