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David goes with the group to Summerland, where Melanie and one of the other mutants helps him see his memories. He knows the government and a mutant named Eye are looking for him. David talks to Syd about when they switched bodies. He goes back for more memory probing, to see when his powers developed. The three of them enter his mind, becoming spectators to his memories. He’s lying in a MRI machine as he goes through his memories. He talks to a therapist, mentioning his father in the same memory. He sees his sister trying to find him at the hospital. David leaves the facility to save his sister from Division 3. Syd tries to convince him to stay and it works. Eye has Amy, his sister, in a room and ready to torture her.

I’ll admit that this episode wasn’t at the level of the first episode, but it was still fantastic nevertheless. We got more trippy, telepathic scenes, while learning more about Melanie and what happen to Syd after the body switch. We also get a little more of David’s backstory. His father was an astronomer. Could this mean he isn’t Charles Xavier? Who is Division 3 and what do they think they’ll get out of Amy? Who is Eye? This episode revealed some answers, but asked even more questions. The show is becoming like an onion with all its layers. Is Syd a Rogue-Like character or a figment of David’s imagination?

Image via FX

I really enjoyed the memory scenes, where they traveled into his memories. But did they travel into memories or travel into the past? The man said to not interact with the memory or it could change. What if they really went into the past, hence the reason why it would change. Simply viewing a memory shouldn’t change it. How strong is his telepathy and how connected is he to it? Is this just a sample of his powers seeing his sister back at the hospital? We didn’t get much of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, just the scene where David was going to hang himself. It seems like Syd saw him as well, when she was David and apologies for killing Lenny.

David is still seeing and talking to Lenny, even though she isn’t there. I wonder if she has become his conscience or something. Maybe it’s just another person for him to bounce stuff off as part of his psychosis. I’m still not sure if Melanie has powers. She seems to be taking over the Professor X role in this show and Summerland is her School for the Gifted. It seems more and more that this show is in it’s own unique universe, which I’m fine with. We will be getting an X-Men show in continuity (or as much as it can) with the films, so this series doesn’t have to force something that isn’t there. I would like to see some more mutants with more powers than just with the mind.

The writing is still top notch and Dan Stevens is killing it in this role. I’m very intrigued by this show and am curious as to where it is headed next. As I said, I don’t think this was a great as last week’s episode. This one was a little slower and more deliberate and started to add pieces to the board without really showing a completed area of the puzzle. There are only 10 episodes I believe, so we’re a fifth of the way done already. I hope next episode will reveal a bit more and make the puzzle clearer. I’ll give this episode a score of 97%.


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