Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

This week on “Justice League Action”, Batman and Blue Beetle chase Chronos around Gotham City. Batman gets annoyed by Beetle’s antics in the field as they find a hideout with clippings of Batman’s first case. They chase him through a time portal to the night where Batman took down Carmine Falcone. The theme from “Batman: The Animated Series” plays as they watch young Batman grapple to the roof. They watch him make the famous “Vengeance” line and iconic lightning strike image.

Chronos tries to kill Batman with his time bombs, but Beetle knocks them away and they freeze young Batman and the Falcones. Batman fights Chronos, but Chronos can see a second ahead. Bats throws a smoke bomb and surprises Chonos. Future Batman sees that Falcone got away and stops him before he gets away from young Bats. Blue Beetle got a thanks from Batman as he talks to Superman and Wonder Woman. Beetle decides to imitate Batman as a strike of lightning appeared.

I loved the episode. The nostalgia was engrossing. “Batman: The Animated Series” is one of my favorite TV shows and the homage this episode made was fantastic. There was also a homage to the 1966 “Batman” TV series, when he walked up the side of the building with the hand-thrown grappling hook.

Image via WB/DC Comics/Cartoon Network

I’ve never been a huge fan of Blue Beetle, but I thought he did great as a sidekick for Bats. Chronos is a strange villain to use, but I like when an unusual villain is used. The only thing of Chronos I know is from season one of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” He was an interesting villain. Not the best one of the season, but he worked in this episode. Blue Beetle could’ve been replaced by essentially anyone, so there was no reason why he had to be there. The other episodes this season had characters that had to be there or were there for a reason.

The next episode seems action packed with Superman vs Steppenwolf and Batman teaming up with Big Barda to journey to Apokolips. But, getting back to this episode. Overall, this may not have been at the quality of the other recent episodes. I’d place it above the first four, but none since the series came back in January. I was slightly disappointed, but it was still a good episode nonetheless. I’ll score this episode at 86%.


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