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It starts with Senator Donovan talking to Naila. Rebecca gets a call from Mullins that Eric identified one of the terrorist as Bin-Khalid’s son. John goes over and talks to his father about Naila, but he doesn’t seem phased. Eric flips out on Ben, who swears he can make things right. We jump back to Nicole and Aisha. Aisha steps outside to call the guy Isaac is meeting with. Isaac shows up to make the deal. Aisha makes her escape and calls Isaac. Isaac tells the guy that he knows about the plan to kill him. Aisha and the other guy run as the cops show up. Nicole puts down the guns and lets the cops arrest her. Eric gets back to CTU and hugs Rebecca and thanks her and Andy. Mullins and Rebecca have a briefing and Eric visits Ben in the infirmary. Ben tries to give him some information about who could be working with the terrorist, but Eric wonders if any of it is true. Meanwhile, the terrorists try to decrypt the list on the flash drive.

Eric and Mullins have a debate over Ben’s intel. After everyone clears the room, Rebecca says she can’t get him the schematics he wants, but knows someone who can. Isaac shows up and pays off the cops to let Nicole go. Amira shows up at the hospital and her brother talks her through injecting Drew with air. She hesitates, but he wakes up and tries to scream and choke her. She pushes down on the syringe and he dies. John accuses his father of accessing the computer, since only him, his father and Naila had access. Henry admits it and tells John that Bin-Khalid blackmailed him, regarding buying oil from terrorists. John calls Rebecca to tell her. Eric is questioned by a CTU agent, but he gets the schematics and subdues the agent. He breaks out Ben and makes a run for it. A smoke grenade causes the smoke detectors to go off, shutting down the cameras. Eric and Ben leave CTU.

Image via Fox

This episode was a little better, but still no Tony… Anyway, we finally get some movement on the plot. Henry tells John that it was him, so I bet that means Jimmy Smits doesn’t make it out alive. Which, at this point, I wouldn’t mind. He’s been a wasted character with nothing to work with. The acting all around has been pretty meh, except Hawkins. This whole series has been pretty formulaic, which has kinda bummed me out after an exciting first episode. Major plus was the lack of the side stories. We had a few minutes of Drew and Amira, which leads to a question. How does no one hear the alarms going off? Shouldn’t the nurses station have a monitor showing that there’s a problem?

Teddy Sears still has that bad guy look to him like when he was Zoloman on “The Flash”, even though he’s supposed to be the good guy. I wonder if there’s something more to his character. Probably not, since most of these characters have no depth. The action is fun, but when is action not fun? The whole paying off the cops thing was so cliché. Isaac tries to act like some huge boss, but didn’t know there was some friction in his group? I don’t know. I’d probably just give this episode a 72%. These last three episodes sort of blend together.


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