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In this episode, Mr. Mxyzptlk tries to woo Kara as he makes Mon-El go to the DEO. Kara rejects Mxyzptlk, but he won’t give up. J’onn tells her that he’s a fifth dimensional creature and Mon-El warns that he’s dangerous. Everyone is busy with Valentine’s day except Winn. He drinks alone at the Underground Bar, when a few aliens want to eat him. A woman alien saves him and he agrees to go out with her. As Kara stops bank robbers, Mxyzptlk shows up to help but tries to kill them. Kara stops him and he disappears.

Alex comes to Kara about how to do Valentine’s day for Maggie who hates it, but Parasite shows up. She and Mon-El fight him… Until Mxyzptlk comes dressed as Superman to help her. He conjured Parasite and said he’ll keep make destruction unless Kara marries him. Mon-El and Kara fights after Mxyzptlk disappears because Mon-El didn’t tell her that they just had to say Mxyzptlk’s name backwards. Mon-El went off to fight Mxyzptlk with a device from Winn, but it fails. Kara shows up right before he kills Mon-El and agrees to marry him. Meanwhile, Winn meets up with Lyra and Maggie tells Alex that Valentine’s day is when she was outed as a lesbian.

Mon-El begs her not to marry Mxyzptlk, but she shoots him down. She talks to Maggie about Alex before heading to the Fortress of Solitude to marry Mxyzptlk. He makes the giant ice sculpture of Jor-El animated. She breaks him apart and threatens to kill herself. He begs her to stop the self destruction sequence at the Fortress. She shows him which buttons to press, which spell out his name backwards. This causes him to disappear. Winn says he wants to go out with Lyra and Maggie makes up for Valentine’s day. Mon-El shows up and apologizes to Kara for acting like a jerk. They start kissing on her couch.

Image via The CW

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I immensely enjoyed this episode. Mxyzptlk is hilarious and, even though he wasn’t a small old guy, he was just as annoying. I like that there was no Guardian/James so, huge plus. Winn getting a love interest is cool. I just hope she doesn’t turn out like Banshee. The back and forth between Mon-El and Kara was great in this episode. I know many people don’t like Mon-El because he’s basically a frat boy, but I think this episode just added to the development of the character. Maybe it even humbled him a bit. I liked the stuff with Maggie and Alex. J’onn was sort of pushed to the side for this one, but he gets some big airtime next week. I’ll get into that later.

Some negatives. I thought the whole he writes his name so he said it thing was sort of lame. I get that it ties into J’onn’s letter to M’ggan, but it was still sort of lame. She should’ve said it. We saw her practicing. It would have been fun to have Kara try to pronounce it. Even though Mon-El is in my positives, I do think he started the episode as just a machismo blockhead, which has sort of become stereotypical of the character. I thought they could have had a different villain from Parasite be conjured up, but he was okay.

I am excited for next week. We see Dean Cain return, but is he the Dr. Danvers we know? What did Cadmus do to him? I like how they have made most of the back half of the season about Cadmus. Will we see Lena again? We see Cyborg Superman and Manhunter. We also see a punch from Danvers… did they experiment on him? Is he another Metallo or did they give him Kryptonian DNA? So many questions… But that’s all next week. Meanwhile, Overall a great episode this week. I won’t let my own distain for the holiday ruin my score. I’ll give it an 89%.


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