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On this episode of Legends, Rip showed up in the future to take a piece of the fragment he left in the year 3000. The Legends find Dr. Mid-nite in 3000 dead. They found the next fragment in Camelot. After being brought back to the kingdom, the team finds Stargirl as Merlin. She says that Rip joined the JSA on their last mission. They split the spear in four and sent the JSA to different places in time. Rip and Darhk show up and use Dr. Mid-nite’s mind control device to use King Arthur, getting into the castle and killing the King’s men.

Guinevere is left to lead the kingdom. Meanwhile, Stein figures out how the device works since he took a device from the year 3000. It doesn’t work on Mick as Stein tries to use it. The Legion and Camelot lead their forces into battle as Ray joins in. Sara and Amaya find the piece of the staff and have a showdown with Stargirl. Ray made an adjustment to Galahad’s sword to create a “saber of light”. Ray gets knighted and want to fight.

The Legends decide to stay and fight. Mick could control Stein with the device as the others charged into battle. They try to use Mick and hack into the devices used by the Legion army. King Arthur attacks Rip and Sara brings him in the Waverider. Darhk and Ray fight away from the battle. Ray had the upper hand before Darhk shot him with a laser gun. Nate finds Ray who added extra protection. Sara says goodbye to Guinevere as Ray interrupts and Amaya says goodbye to Stargirl. Jax visits Rip in the holding cell. Rip talks to Gideon and she answered.

Editorial Note… I didn’t realize Vixen’s name was Amaya and not Maya… Oops.

Image via The CW

This was an interesting episode. I thought tying this into the JSA was great. I’m still hoping for a Justice Society show featuring modern heroes. Back to the episode, Camelot is definitely not my favorite point in history, but it worked for this. I thought the “Lance a lot” line was funny and corny at the same time. You knew Sara was going back for the kiss. Ray being a knight was interesting, but why wasn’t he in his suit at all except for making his sword light up? Did I miss something? I’m also not a fan of the actress who plays Stargirl, but I thought it was funny that she was merlin. I am curious as to how Dr. Mid-Nite learned to create those mind control devices… I do hope they visit the year 3000 again. I know there’s a DC digital comic called “Justice League 3000”. Maybe that could be the start of the Legion of Super-Heroes? I know I’ve brought that up on my Supergirl reviews with Mon-El. This could be a great ay to introduce them.

Okay, back on topic. I thought the Black Knight was going to be Malcolm Merlyn. That would have set up a neat Merlin vs Merlyn fight with Stargirl. The role reversal for Mick and Stein was sort of predictable when it didn’t work on Stein. Of course, it was gonna work on Mick, but laughs… The lightsaber line was corny, but I smiled. I’m glad Amaya got to get some things off her chest about the Legends and the JSA. Hopefully, she starts feeling like part of the team. I’m curious as to how this will affect the present-day Vixen. She going to have to go back or was Rex her grandfather? More timeline questions… This show really doesn’t care about any of it or maybe they just have writers who think a different way regarding how time travel works.

Anyway, the next episode looks like a repeat of the episode last season where Savage broke out of the cell and wreaked havoc. This time it’s someone Gideon listens to. At some point, they have get Rip back to normal and make an arc where he repents for what he did. But for now, I’ll give this episode an 82%.


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