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In this episode, We see Harry being chased by gorillas on Earth-2. Jesse tells team Flash that Harry and a group were attacked in Gorilla City. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin agree to go help. Julian was supposed to cover for Barry at work, but told Singh that they were going to a conference. Wally and Jesse talk in Star Labs before Joe and Iris show up. There was a robbery so Wally and Jesse went to save the day, but Wally ended up doing all the saving. Meanwhile, Barry and the others walk into a trap and get tranquilized.

Grodd locks up team Flash and uses Harry to tell them to kill Solovar and Central City will be spared. On Earth-1, Wally tries to get Jesse to stay. Solovar came to visit Barry and the others. He takes control of Cisco and says Barry must battle him in the arena. This way the gorillas will know not to cross Solovar. Barry fought Solovar. He tried to speed punch and lightning throw, but he finally used Thawne’s vibration move on the lead gorilla. He told the gorillas that he won’t kill him and that they don’t mean the gorillas harm. Grodd tricked them and wanted Flash to defeat Solovar so he could invade Central City.

Harry wakes up as they discuss ways of stopping Grodd, including killing Cisco or one of them. On Earth-1, HR talks to Jesse about staying on Earth-1. In Gorilla City, Barry lays dead in his cell and Grodd takes him out. After Grodd leaves, Barry shakes off the cold that Caitlin put on him and got everyone out. Cisco opened a breach and they got out of there before Grodd showed up. HR tries to play charades when team Flash comes back. They tell Harry that HR was a fraud but they couldn’t do stuff without him. Jesse tells Wally that she’s moving to Earth-1. Caitlin and Julian go for a steak. Barry and Iris talk in their apartment before we see Gypsy being held by Grodd and his army ready to attack.

Image via The CW

This was a fun episode. I really enjoyed seeing them travel to Gorilla City and Flash against Solovar. I hope more of his rogues start showing up again. We’re gonna get Flash vs Grodd 3 next episode which is awesome. I’m usually not a fan of Julian, but he was good in this episode. I liked that it was basically the original team of Barry, Cisco and Caitlin. It gives you that first season feel. I can’t really think of any negatives. I enjoy Wally and Jesse together, I just wish they worked together. Maybe we’ll get that next episode. I’m sure we’ll deal with Jesse wanting to stay on Earth-1 next week. I’m glad Harry is back for at least an episode. I’m looking forward to seeing Gypsy again. I’m curious as to how Grodd found her. Maybe that’ll be answered next week. I hope they make these Earth-2 double episodes a normal thing. It was one of the highlights last year.

Like I said earlier, not too many negatives. It was a bit slow at times, but I get that they were supposed to be captives and it’s a lot to animate both The Flash movements and Gorilla City. Joe and Iris were pretty non-existent but that’s to be expected in this kind of episode. I’m sure they’ll have a bigger role next week. Tom Canavagh pulling double duty sort of made Harry knocked out most of the episode. I hope they can balance them next week. Anyway, very solid episode and one of my favorites of the season. I’ll go with an 87%.


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