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In this episode, A few inmates escape custody, including China White, Cupid and Liza Warner. Before Dinah’s induction ceremony, Ollie’s girlfriend asks if he’s the Green Arrow. He lies and after the ceremony, he and Quentin go after the escapees. They were too late. Thea and Felicity talk about Ollie’s girlfriend and hack into her computer. Mr Terrific and Wild Dog interrogate a thug. Ollie and Lance find the escapees as they fight them, SCPD falls in and try to arrest Green Arrow for Billy’s murder. Ollie, Lance and the DA talk to Captain Pike who had the real Medical Examiner’s report from Billy’s murder. Ollie thinks Prometheus sent it.

Meanwhile, Ollie’s girlfriend says she was fired for having been accused of plagiarizing her articles for the last two years. She thinks its him because she asked if he was the Green Arrow. He went to Felicity who said it was her and Thea. Ollie talks to Thea about what she did to the reporter as Lance convinces him to go after the escapees even though the cops are after him. He talks to Captain Pike about what happened, but he wasn’t sure whether that was enough. Felicity called with an address for a man the escapees kidnapped.

Ollie and the team go after them at the cemetery. As a gang shows up to help the ladies, SCPD shows up and takes them down. The Green Arrow thanks Pike for not taking him in and say he’ll have to live with it for the rest of his life. Pike says that’s what the Mayor said. Lance talks to Dinah about being the Canary, Ollie talks to Thea and then the news ran a story about Ollie covering up the murder of Billy.

Image via The CW

This was an okay episode. A hell of a lot better than the last two episodes, but still uneven. Now the girlfriend is definitely going to figure out a way to out him. This scandal will add to her credibility. They think this kid is Prometheus, but the abilities look very League of Assassins. I’m still thinking Talia is Prometheus. Dinah is another positive. I like how they’re progressing at an even pace with her.

I don’t really like how Ollie tries to make the Green Arrow a separate person with people. He’s basically giving it away to people like the girlfriend and Pike. It didn’t help that Thea and Felicity made it worse. You would think at this point they’d think smarter. Lance was right when he said Ollie didn’t lay down when Slade tried to ruin his life and this arc feels like a worse version of that arc. I thought making Ollie mayor would be interesting, but the writers just can balance it right. It’s not Amell’s fault. He’s doing great with what he has to work with.

I want to like the season. I want to believe like everyone else that it’s rebounding, but it’s not to me. And as I write, I totally forgot about the flashbacks which kind of shows the issues. They are just going through the motions with them instead of blending them into the episode like seasons 1 & 2. The Odyssey is still my favorite episode. It did a fantastic job of mixing flashbacks with current day. That magic is missing for me. But to score the episode, I’ll give it a 70%.


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