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To start the episode, We see cut scenes of life at Summerland as well as the man torturing Amy. In the glass room, Melanie and the other man enter David’s memory of him destroying the kitchen. Melanie wants to know the trigger of the incident. They see he was a junkie, bit the devil with the yellow eyes showed up. Only David could see him, so they decided to leave, but we’re transported out of the Memory Cube.

David and Syd talk on the dock and have a conversation about when they switched bodies. The bag guys question Amy then fade back to David being tested on and probes stuck to his head. He remembers when he lost his dog then a weird big head creature appeared and woke him up. He sees Lenny and the doctor is confused about the readings. He sees Amy and freaks out, destroying the room. Suddenly, David and Syd were in the room with Amy and the bad guys. They try to convince her that she knew about his powers. They transported out of the room before the man grabbed him.

They landed in the pool and saw Melanie, who said David can’t go back there. Melanie explains how Division 3 was created and tries to calm David down by telling him he’s the most powerful Mutant alive. Melanie wants to sedate him to lower his defenses. Syd wants to go in next time, but David wants to do it on his own. David wakes up in the middle of the night and Syd follows him into the bathroom. He tells her that he was a junkie and if he goes into his memories, she won’t see him the same way.

Syd, Melanie and the man enter his mind where Syd can hug the kid version of David. During the memory, Syd sees the devil with the yellow eyes and chases David through the house. When they get trapped, Syd and the man wake up. Melanie was still in David’s mind. She finds a book about “The World’s Angriest Boy in the World” and then wakes up, leaving David still asleep.

Image via FX

This was a great episode. We got more Devil with the yellow eyes and Syd can see him, when the others couldn’t. The teleportation is something unique to the show. I’m not familiar with him being able to do that in the comics. That’s not a big deal, because it works for the show. A lot of this episode reminded me of Wolverine’s arc in the first two X-Men films where Charles and Jean tried to help him with his memories and powers.

It was interesting that the man, who I believe is Walter, could see him in the room with Amy. It looked like a TV picture though with static. Is he a Technopath too? Is that other man talking to Amy Melanie’s husband? How is Division 3 going to factor into this? Are there other divisions? I love that this show brings up so many more questions than it answers. I’m curious how they are going to wake David up or if we finally get a clue as to what the Devil with the Yellow Eyes is. As of right now, it seems like a part of his subconscious that is blocking him from unlocking his powers or some part of his childhood he’s suppressing.

This is one of the best shows in television. It makes me want to check out “Fargo”, which is also ran by Noah Hawley. Both Dan Stevens and Rachel Keller are fantastic in their roles. Their relationship makes the whole show work, sort of like the Barry/Joe relationship on “The Flash”. The only negative is the unclearness of whether Melanie has powers or not. I will give this episode an 99%.


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