Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

This week on “Justice League Action”, Barda helps Batman and Superman take down some Parademons. Steppenwolf appears and takes Superman to a planet with a red sun. Steppenwolf attacks the weakened Kryptonian. Superman gets away from him. Barda brings Batman to Apokolips to retrieve Steppenwolf’s star maps and find Superman. Superman improvises to fight Steppenwolf. Meanwhile, Batman and Barda get to Steppenwolf’s war room. Batman interrogates Steppenwolf’s sidekick by test his personal forcefield. Superman gets on Steppenwolf’s astro glider and pilots them into a lake. Superman breaks his leg in the fall while throwing an electric device in the lake, electrocuting Steppenwolf. Batman and Barda find Superman and bring him home, but not before they brag about bad guys they knocked out.

Image via Cartoon Network/WB/DC Comics

So, this is officially the worst episode of Justice League Action so far. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not the same quality as the previous ones. The story was lame and felt like a way to introduce kids to Steppenwolf before he shows up in the Justice League film. Unfortunately, he’s probably going to be just as lame in that as he was in this episode. You still have no idea what’s special about him other than being Darkseid’s second in command. He’s got this stereotypical German henchman with a full military uniform. This also seemed like a waste of Big Barda, who isn’t all that big. The baddie count was neat for a while, but go stale. Having Superman depowered is a fantastic idea, but it just wasn’t executed greatly here. I never felt like Steppenwolf had the upper hand. It was just a very meh episode story-wise.

So, it seems like the one for next week is not in the same order as it was released in other countries last year. According to TVguide.com, the next one is written by Paul Dini and involves Toyman taking over the watchtower as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg have figure out a way to stop him. Sounds interesting and Dini wrote it, so I’m in. You might recognize Toyman from the first season of “Supergirl”. He was also featured in the previous Justice League animated series. Anyway, I’d give this current episode a 75%.


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