Image via The CW

On this week’s Supergirl, Kara and Martian Manhunter attack a Cadmus transport. They find Jeremiah Danvers in the back of a truck. After an examination, the family has a welcome home party that night. Mon-El shows up and questions whether he’s a villain. After causing a stir, Jeremiah walks Mon-El out and tells him he knows who he really is. Mon-El convinces Winn to help him keep tabs on Jeremiah. J’onn gives Jeremiah a tour of the DEO, then Jeremiah breaks into their system to access some files.

Winn goes to Mon-El about it and they corner Kara and tell her. They approach Jeremiah who says he was just looking at old case files about his girls. Alex flips out on Kara before going to check out a facility that might have the nuclear bomb Jeremiah warned them about. The warehouse was empty and Jeremiah went down to the server room to access more information. J’onn fought him and exposed a cybernetic arm. Winn came in and Jeremiah knocked him out before J’onn got back up to fight.

Jeremiah met Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman in the woods before the Dancer girls showed up. Supergirl had to fix train tracks that Luthor blew up. Alex went after the Cadmus crew and let her father go. Both sisters consoled by their significant others before getting the call saying there’s work to do.

Image via The CW

This was such a good episode. I really enjoyed seeing Dean Cain whoop some ass. He’s my favorite live action Superman and, at one point during the fight, His hair dipped down to make the Superman curl. It felt like a Superman vs Manhunter fight. The whole Jeremiah is villain thing was telegraphed from the start of the episode. It would’ve been nice to have it drawn out for an episode or two.

I like Mon-El trying to make things work with Kara, but Jeremiah knows who he really is. Well, who is he? I believe he’s the real Prince of Daxum. That was alluded to in the Kevin Smith episode on the red sun planet. I also believe Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo are coming onto the show as his parents. The royal family of Daxum.

Kara and Alex at each other seemed really forced to me and Alex seemed weird this episode. I think they tried to make her emotional, but she was all over the place. I’m not a huge fan of the scene with the Danver parents. That also seemed forced and unnecessary. Everything just sort of seemed rushed. Maybe because we get more Cadmus next week. I’m sure we’ll find out more about Jeremiah.

I’d say there were more positives than negatives about this episode. I feel like this is all building towards a final confrontation. I hope we see Lena go evil at some point or that we see a Luthor in the machine suit like Lex uses. I think this episode was one of the better episodes since the break, which has been up and down. I hope that the final stretch of the season is as great as the first eight were.


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