Image via The CW

It’s Valentine’s day and Wally and Jessie tell Harry that she wants to stay on Earth 1 as H.R. decorates for “Friend’s Day”. Gypsy comes from a breach and starts attacking. Harry knocks her out and they put her in the pipeline. Harry and Wally work on new Vibe glasses and find where the Grodd will be. He takes over Joe and tries to kill him, but Grodd used it as a distraction to kidnap a general. Barry debates whether or not to kill Grodd. Wally tells Jessie that Harry told him he’s dying. Harry strapped Joe to a machine to draw who he sees in the images Grodd left in his mind.

Meanwhile, Grodd uses the general to get into a Nuclear Missile base. They get an alarm that indicates nuclear missiles are about to launch. Barry goes down there and finds the general unconscious. He has to try every combination of codes and gets it just in time. Vibe went to get Gypsy. Barry and his speedster sidekicks fight Grodd and his army before Vide returns with Gypsy and Solovar. Solovar fights Grodd, but Barry begs him not to kill him. They help the gorillas get back to Earth 2. Gypsy kisses Cisco and takes off. Barry proposes to Iris. Wally and Jessie watch Casablanca before Wally makes a dash for Big Belly Burger. On the way, he sees Savitar.

Valentine’s day comes a few weeks too late but whatever. No Julian is a plus. I love Wally and Jessie together. The interaction between Harry and H.R. was great. Barry contemplating killing Grodd was sort of weird. I wish we got more Wally and Jessie in action, but I get that the budget was already stretched with the Gorillas. Gypsy was used for her purpose, but I hope we see her again. I was a little afraid that they were gonna kill Joe as a way to change the timeline. It was a pretty decent episode overall. If not a little anticlimactic with the Gorilla on Gorilla violence.

Image Via The CW

This two episode arc was good. I think it could’ve been written better like most of this season. I feel like the crossover caused the shows to lose their mojo. I’m hoping this last stretch finishes strong. There are many things I wonder about leading up to the end. I’m curious as to what the proposal means. Does she say yes? The future never showed if she was Iris West-Allen at the time of her death. I also wonder if Savitar is going to make Wally do bad things. I’m a little worried. Everything involving Savitar hasn’t been great this season. What does this mean for Jessie? Are we gonna see her try to get through to Wally? Is it just going to be Savitar from this point forward? So many questions, so little time left.


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