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The episode opens with a man talking about fear and stories we tell our children. Then, we see David in the examination room. Melanie sends the others out to see what David was up to before they found him. He’s stuck in his own reality. They found a broken voice recorder and put their hand on it, revealing memories. They see he killed the doctor. Syd tries to convince Ptonomy that the memories might be altered by David himself and that he was there to take a tape, not rob the office. Amy was locked up with David’s doctor from the hospital. Amy told him about how David was as a child and about “King”. The doctor mentioned “King” the dog, but Amy said they never had a dog. Carrie is a person who was created by the Doctor at Summerland’s subconscious.

Melanie went into her office and found a man in a diving suit, who disappeared. She thinks David is trying to come back. We see inside David’s mind that he is with the man in the diving suit. David and the man in the Diving suit climb a ladder to the room where the man at the beginning of the story was sitting. The man tells him that he’s trapped in the Astral Plane. The man’s name is Oliver and knows about the monster in David’s head, The Devil with the Yellow Eyes. Oliver says that it’s a parasite, eating away at his memories. David leaves and goes back out into the subconscious.

Syd and Ptonomy visit David’s ex-girlfriend. Syd keeps her busy while Ptonomy probes her mind. Syd tells the ex-girlfriend that their looking for David. The ex tells them about Benny, his pusher, and to tell him “They’re watching”. Ptonomy finds Dr. Poole’s location from the ex’s memories and they go visit him. They interview him about David. Poole mentioned Benny, a friend who was conflicting with the treatment. Poole wants to visit him and ask him why he did it. It ends up being the doctor from Division 3 impersonating Dr. Poole. The three Mutants make a run for it. We see a mix of Oliver, Amy and David as well as Carrie fighting Division 3 troops. Ptonomy fights the Division 3 Doctor, but loses. They’ve been looking for Syd and when she touches the Doctor, she gets weak.

Image via FX

Lenny shows up and creates his childhood room She tries to convince him that he needs to get mad. Shows him the real world. Lenny turned into the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. As David tried to stop the Division 3 Doctor, He realizes that Syd switched bodies with him and the doc shoots Carrie, causing Kerry at Summerland to collapse.

Wow. This show is bonkers. The visuals continue to be outstanding. I’m wondering if the Devil will be The Shadow King. He called a non-existent dog “King”. A little bit of foreshadowing or just an Easter egg… I don’t know. A lot of theories circling the interwebs is that Syd is a made-up person from David’s subconscious. I think this episode disproves that. If that were so, I don’t think she’d be able to do what she does. It’s much different in Kerry/Carrie’s case. It’s an actual second person, not a manifestation of the mind. I believe that man in the ice cube and diving suit is Melanie’s husband, who she mentions an episode or two back. I also didn’t realize this is only an eight-episode season, meaning this was the halfway point of the first season.

The episode gave us so much information, but in a way, that didn’t feel overwhelming or all exposition. Ptonomy is growing on me as a character. I wasn’t a huge fan of him at first. The Lenny/Benny thing is interesting. Did he kill Benny and now the Devil with the Yellow Eyes is projecting this female version as a way for him to forget. To help keep control of David’s psyche? It seems that anger feeds the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. Last episode, we say the angry child book and now “Lenny” made him angry enough to break out of the astral plane. Does Oliver suffer from the same condition? Does he have his own Devil in him? We also saw that Syd gets glimpses of the character from the angry boy book. Very interesting. Is that a side effect from being in David’s mind? How much with Amy factor into the rest of the season? Did division three already come after the ex-girlfriend when she visited the lighthouse?

Overall, I am absolutely loving this show. It may not be exactly like the comics, but the general vibe and atmosphere is there, just with different names. The character of Legion is very similar to David, in terms of powers. They may have taken some liberties, but the actual characterization is there. As long as the characters feel like their comic counterparts, I have no problem with changing some stuff. This show is extremely well written and this episode might be the best yet. I’m very much looking forward to this last half of the season.


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