Image via The CW

The episode opens up with a family getting stopped by a cop only for Cadmus to take them. Kara talks to Snapper about interviewing Supergirl. Maggie and Alex shoot pool as Winn, his girlfriend and James have drinks at the underground bar. A seat team blows it up and takes the Aliens. As Alex and Maggie go after them, one holds a gun on Alex. Guardian shows and saves Alex as the truck gets away with the aliens. Winn flips out about his girlfriend as Alex goes down and beats up the Cadmus agent. Supergirl talks to Snapper but he says he can’t use her as a source. Jeremiah comes to Alex, but it turns out it was J’onn testing her. We see Lillian and Jeremiah at Cadmus as they load the captured aliens on to a ship.

Kara comes to Alex and says she agrees with J’onn’s assessment, but not his means. Maggie disagrees. Lena visits Kara and agrees to help her with the article. Alex and Maggie go rogue, saving aliens from Cadmus. Lena went digging into L Corp files, but her assistant works for Lillian and informs her. Alex breaks into Cadmus and finds Jeremiah. Lena is attacked in her office, but Supergirl saves her and tells her about the facility. Meanwhile, Alex blows up Cadmus and convinces Jeremiah to help her. She tries to get aliens off the ship, but it took off with everyone on it.

The DEO got an alarm and Alex called about the ship. Supergirl showed before it got to lightspeed and stopped it in space. We also see Cyborg Superman and Jeremiah duking it out. Alex gets her job back and her and J’onn hug it out. Kara loses her job for posting the article about Cadmus on her blog and Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo orbit Earth in a ship.

Image via The CW

So… I figured Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo would be Mon-El’s parents. Anyway, I really liked this episode. Not a whole lot of James/Guardian is a plus. I liked the emotion from Alex. It was a lot better than what they did earlier in the season when she went emotional and crazy. This was more to her personality. I was half hoping for her to get beamed to the other side of the galaxy with Kara and they’d do a Voyager like quest to get back. And can I say… Dean freaking Cain fighting Cyborg Superman! I know he’s not Superman on this show, but he’ll always be Superman to me and that fight was exciting for the little bit it was on.

I was hoping Lena would figure out Kara is Supergirl. I feel like once she learns that, she’ll go to the dark side. I liked the rogue tag team of Alex and Maggie. They work really well together. J’onn probably could’ve made it to the ship… but budget… still was a great moment. It was a streamlined story which is great to me. Not too much extra storyline just Kara and Alex dealing with their dad and Cadmus. Straight to the point. Too many of these episodes detour to different storylines, but this had a singular focus.

Looking forward, I’m wondering if Mon-El did things on Daxam or if it’s just being blamed for his parents? I still hope for a Legion of Super-Heroes cameo. Overall, Great episode and looks like great stuff to come.


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