Image via The CW

In the episode, they are looking for Nate’s grandfather. Rip activated a shutdown sequence and self destruct. The waverider was whipped into the Cretaceous period and rip destroyed the medallion. Ray, Nate and Amaya go out to find a piece of the ship as They decided to use a method that the time masters used to change people’s minds. Jax and Sara get into Rip’s mind and Ray, Nate and Amaya run from a dinosaur. In Rip’s mind, Jax and Sara fight a copy of herself and other defenses. Jax sees Gideon.

Sara finds Rip and tries to help him. Ray, Nate and Amaya set up camp. After Ray warns Nate about Amaya needing to go back to 1942, Sara, Jax and Gideon help Rip get out of his mindtrap. Sara and Jax have to fight themselves as Gideon gets tip to safety. Ray gets the temporal delineator and Amaya talks down a dinosaur. Jax and Sara help Rip return to normal. Rip reintroduced himself to the team and then we get a cut to 1970 NASA where Thawne is interviewing astronauts.

I really loved this episode. We get Sara vs Sara. We get dinosaurs and time travel. Stuff I love. I think one of two things will happen: Amaya will go back to 1942 pregnant at the end of the season or Nate will go with her. But that’s for another day. I liked the conversation between Ray and Nate about Mari in 2016. All of this should be effecting her. They continue to make the Animated Series on CW Seed, but we haven’t seen her in present day. They needed to touch on this. I think the role reversal of Stein and Mick was interesting. I like the strange sage Mick. We need Snart back though. I hope that’s how the season ends.

I like the whole “Her” like episode with Rip’s mind stuff. I like the Sara and Jax pairing. They’ve been doing that a lot lately and it seems to be working. This cast seems to be the best of all the CW shows. The ensemble is great and everyone brings a different personality to the show. I like having Rip back on the team. Evil Rip was fun, but it’s time for him to deal with the consequences of his actions. I hope that’s what next season deals with. Rip finding out about the results of his bad time.

The next episode deals with space which is another favorite of mine. I know we get Thawne. I hope we get Sara vs Thawne. I know it’s not a fair fight, but they are the leaders of their respective teams. I’m sure that’ll be closer to the finale. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode and hope it’s as good as this one.


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