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Barry, Jessie and Wally test out how fast Wally could get to Iris when the time comes. Inside Star Labs, Barry and Iris tell everyone they’re getting married. Everyone is happy although Joe wondered why he didn’t ask him first. Wally sees Savitar and starts being thrown around. Barry flips out on Wally telling him to leave. They use Julian to talk to Savitar. Barry finds acolytes and find out if they have a philosopher stones. Wally vibes to the Future and sees Iris die. He comes back and has Barry tell everyone why he asked Iris to get married. She wasn’t wearing a ring in the future.

Meanwhile, Caitlin shows Julian that she has a stone. Barry tries to find Savitar’s location. Joe talks to Iris and Wally sees his mother as he talks to Jessie. He runs to try and stop Savitar, not realizing throwing the stone into the speed force will help Savitar. Jessie goes to Star Labs to tell Barry and the others. They see Wally get sucked into the speed force and Savitar come out.  Savitar beats up Barry  and he finds out that Iris took of the ring.

I was disappointed in this episode. Every time Savitar shows up, it always feels weird. The Barry/Iris proposal thing felt weird. The disconnect between Joe and Barry was weird. He was happy, but disappointed. I don’t know and why don’t they let Jessie fight with them. She’s a great character, but they did this weird thing with Wally and Savitar. I don’t like the Julian/Caitlin relationship. I don’t have too many positives. It may be one of my least favorite episodes of the series.

I see the trailer for next episode and it looks like a weird Arrow 100th episode thing. We get Eddie, Ronnie and others who have passed/disappeared. I’m not sure what that means for next week or the rest of the season. I’m very worried about the rest of this season. I usually go into more detail with my reviews but this is a bad episode. I honestly can’t think of anything I like about this episode. I hope it returns to form soon.


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