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The episode starts with David and Syd entering minds, touching and kissing. They went to see Melanie, who wanted David to bring Oliver home. David and Syd agree to work together to break into Division 3. They have mind sex and then David is convinced by Lenny to go in alone. Ptonomy doesn’t want to go to Division 3, but Melanie and Syd want to go. They get to Division 3 and find carnage and destruction. They split up and try to find David. The doctor from the hospital was still in his cell and said they took Amy. Melanie and another guy see David’s attack and the Devil with the Yellow Eyes on a special camera. Back at Summerland, Cary is examining David’s footage from the testing. Syd and Ptonomy found a doctor. Cary explains the parasite and says that it’s an older mutant living inside David.

Syd calls out to David and she gets sucked back into the mind world he made for them. King the dog and the Angriest boy in the world we’re there. Syd realizes he went home. Walter from Division 3 was right behind them. Amy and David get back to their house. David allows Lenny/Benny/King/Angry Boy out to figure out Amy’s secret. She says he’s adopted. Cary and Kerry argue about a fight. The Summerland team makes it to his house. Syd sees the Angry Boy. There’s no sound in the house. Syd finds David and has him transport to the white room before he gets shot. The devil with the yellow eyes goes after Syd. Suddenly, they are all at the hospital with Lenny as the therapist.

Legion 105
Image via FX

This was an exciting episode. I like that they have finally seen the Devil with the Yellow Eyes and that they know it’s a parasite like Oliver explained in the last episode. Speaking of which, I wonder if they are setting up rescuing Oliver as a second season storyline. It would seem a little rushed to add it into these final three episodes. I like that he’s finally able to control his powers somewhat and created a place for Syd and him to be together, only to have the Parasite corrupt it. He’s starting to manifest these concepts like Lenny/Benny/ King the dog/Angry Boy into actual tangible beings. Before, it seemed like he was pretty much the only one who could see them. Still unsure about Benny the drug dealer. Maybe he was a real person and the parasite manifested him into a blocker for David’s memories.

The next episode seems to involve the parasite, which I’m positive is Shadow King, blocking Syd from trying to communicate with David. Are the others there? And who is Walter from Division 3? Is he The Eye? They called him Walter, but it says The Eye on IMdB. I know that’s not really reliable at all, but we really haven’t seen what his true power is. He was able to shapeshift from Dr. Poole last episode and now he’s following them without the team knowing. Is he connected to the parasite? They have a lot of questions to answer in a short period of time. Unless these will be touched upon next season? A little presumptive that they think they’ll get a second season. They probably will, but it’s still a little ballsy. Overall, this was a great action packed episode that really gave us a look at David’s powers and moved the plot along.


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