Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

On this episode of “Justice League Action”, Clark Kent and Diana Prince are out on a date complaining about their crushes only liking their superhero identities. Repulse attacks metropolis, making Superman and Wonder Woman ruin their date. Hawkman shows up to help them. Superman stops Repulse and finds out its Luthor. After Lex gets hauled away, Superman starts turning into Repulse. He flies away, so that he can’t harm anyone. Wonder Woman and Hawkman visit Lex Luthor in prison to find out how to stop Repulse from taking over Superman. They are nanobots that feed off the sun’s rays. They have to get Superman close to a Black Hole. Luthor takes one of the Justice League ships and tries to push Superman in. He accidentally gets sucked in with Supes. The repulse nanobots protect them somewhat, but Wonder Woman still needed to help them get free. They get back to earth as the black hole becomes unstable. Superman and Wonder Woman continue their date and almost kiss, but Supes’s breath stinks.

This was, once again, a fun episode. This episode was great because we get to see Lex for the first time on this show. It was somewhat like the old Justice League cartoon, but had a bit of Hackman in him with James Woods doing the voice instead of Clancy Brown. One negative I’ll point out that bothers me is the idea of a Superman/Wonder Woman relationship. I get that their respective love interests don’t like their alter egos, but Lois and Clark belong together. Anyway, the comedy worked regardless of my personal hang up. I thought Hawkman was a weird character to include but I guess it’s better than some other choices. I would’ve liked to see Batman’s disappointing, judgmental stare as he saw them together. I can’t complain too much. This series has been my second favorite superhero/comic book show this season, just behind “Legion”.

Image via Cartoon Network/DC Comics/WB

We have another Justice League Dark episode coming next week, written by Paul Dini. Batman is of course tagging along. I love Batman, but he doesn’t need to be on those paranormal team up episodes. I love how much Dini is involved though. They kind of screwed him with that show he developed for Cartoon Network a few years back, so to see him back writing characters he loves is great. I also love the silver age/ modern mixture of the show. This episode is just another notch in its belt. Great action and interpersonal relationships are what this show is based upon. I can’t sing its praises enough. Join me next week for more fun.


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