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Barry decides to go into the speed force to save Wally. Cisco vibes him into the speed force while wearing a special tracker, leaving Jessie to protect the city. He lands in a central city police station lookalike where Eddie is standing. Eddie tells him that because of Flashpoint, he has to outrace Black Flash. He runs into Ronnie and a possible future with Caitlin and a baby. The speed force tells him to leave but he’s determined to save Wally. Black Flash catches him and Barry uses the tracker to stop him, losing his connection to the real world. Meanwhile, HR makes a remark about Jessie not being able to defeat Savitar and she claps back saying he’s not like her father. Barry sees Wally reliving his mother’s death as the speed force uses Snart to try and stop him again. Barry gives up and let’s the speed force attack him. Jay shows up to save him. In the real world, Jessie punches HR and takes the piece of Savitar to find him. Jay and Barry save Wally, but Jay decides to stay and take Wally’s place in the speed force. Jessie attacks Savitar and stabs him with the piece, causing him to run. Barry says he need to embrace the future and breaks up with Iris. Jessie decides to go to Earth-3 for a while until they figure out how to stop Savitar.

Image via The CW

I thought this was their way of repeating “The Runaway Dinosaur”, but it wasn’t as great. I liked that Barry had to face the people who have “died” (If there’s no body, they ain’t dead), but they didn’t have him really deal with it. There wasn’t a “Barry’s Mom” moment in this episode. They tried to use Snart, but it wasn’t enough for him to buy in. I liked that Jay showed up, but I was bummed that he had to stay in the speed force. It also gave Jessie a reason to leave. I was hoping she’d stick around longer. I’m guessing having her around was too expensive effects wise. I didn’t think the fight with Savitar was all that great. It was odd that she was able to hurt him. You would think Barry would want her to stick around. There is a theory that Savitar is future Wally or Barry, which may be a reason why he didn’t kill Jessie or allowed her to get close to him. I personally believe it’s Eddie. Is it a future Eddie or one that had his mind messed with? I don’t know.

Next Week’s episode is the Musical Crossover with Supergirl. This has been heavily anticipated with it being a Glee reunion featuring Darren Cross as Music Meister. It supposedly starts at the end of Supergirl, but I think it’ll be more like her episode of the midseason crossover. I’m not a fan of musicals, but I am looking forward to this. It’ll also be a nice break from this Savitar nonsense. Anyway, this episode was probably middle of the road for me. It was interesting, but just retreaded an older and better executed episode of “The Flash”.


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