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The Legends find Commander Steel in 1970 as the head of NASA on the day of the Apollo 13 disaster, except everything is going fine. We see EoBard Thawne took the appearance of one of the astronauts and knocked the other two out. The team takes the Waverider up to space while Stein, Jax and Mick stay in mission control to monitor the situation. Sara sends Ray over in the Atom suit and follows Thawne into the lunar module, but the speedster sees him. The two of them fight and accidentally separate the lander from the Module. Meanwhile, Stein sings to distract mission control. Sara and Rip argue as asteroids damage the Waverider and Jump Ship.

Ray finds the piece of the spear, but now has to figure out how to get off the moon. Ray and EoBard have to work together to fix the lander. Amaya and Nate fight over putting his grandfather back in the timeline and about her future. They hook back up to the shuttle and makes its way back to earth. EoBard gets put in the brig, but the Legends need to know what angle to reenter the atmosphere. Thawne tells Ray 38 degrees, but no one wants to trust him except Ray. Sara agrees to trust him. Nate’s grandfather sacrificed himself to get the ship at the right angle to reenter the earth’s atmosphere. They landed and Ray figures out Thawne is a time remnant. He had to leave before getting the piece of the spear. Nate visits his dad as a kid in mission control. Rip realizes Sara is a better captain that he is. Nate and Amaya make up and after he leaves, she has Gideon show her the future.

Image via The CW

I really liked this episode. I liked traveling to space and the fun the team seemed to have while still dealing with serious issues. It was interesting having Thawne and Ray work together and he could see how he works. Having Commander Steel give his life for the team was admirable, but now the Director of NASA is missing… I guess that doesn’t matter. Amaya and Nate finally discuss the fact that she needs to go back to her own time. I’m just wondering if Nate goes with her. It would make sense. He could live out all the historical dreams he’s had. I think it was interesting that Rip essentially handed the baton to Sara after a bunch of in-fighting.

I also have to say Martin singing in Mission Control was hilarious. I laughed so hard when he just stood up and started singing. I like Mick and Stein together. It’s a real fire and ice dynamic. Speaking of Ice, Snart shows up next week! But I’m getting ahead of myself. I really wish we could get more Ray vs Thawne action. I like the Sherlock/Moriarty relationship with them. Eventually the time wraiths will come for Thawne, unless he shows up on “The Flash” after this season is over. Legends only has 3 more episodes where “The Flash” has around 7 or 8. You can check out my Flash reviews to get caught up on that.

Next week looks to be a doozy. We have the Legends vs the Legion with Snart as a wild card. Is he friend or foe? It’ll be interesting to see. Plus, they have to travel back to the vanishing point. What is left there? Is Snart stuck in some sort of time loop? Lots of questions. What are they setting up for Season 3? Will we go back to the original lineup with Snart coming back into the fold and Nate and Amaya taking off? What happens to the Legion? Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode and would put it up as one of my favorites of the season. Let me know what you think and some of your predictions for the finale.


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