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The episode opens with a therapy session with between Melanie and Lenny. Lenny moves on to Ptonomy and the memory of his childhood. She rolls through the cast of characters one by one. Finally, Syd tells Lenny that she doesn’t think this is all real. We follow Syd as she goes to get her pills and she sees the rest of the team in the hospital. David and Ptonomy recreate one of the first scenes of the series with the drooling guy. Lenny comes to get David for his session as Syd mentions a new door she noticed in the hallway. David talks about being peaceful. They sat down at lunch and Syd freaked out over seeing bugs. Then, a flashback sequence with Lenny over “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. David visits Syd in her room and they lay down, talking about life outside the hospital. David doesn’t want to leave, but Syd said she can’t stay there.

Syd talks to Cary about the door in the hallway and her strange feeling. Walter sees Kerry and stares at her. A glowing ball appears above Cary as he tries to sleep. It turns out to be an ice cube and then he’s transported to a forest and a man in a diving suit. Syd starts to put things together and thinks this hospital is an alternate reality. David tries to tell her that she’s the one with delusional thoughts, not him. Syd walks out into the hallway and sees the wall bleeding. Lenny puts headphones on her and she falls asleep, floating down the hallway. We see into Ptonomy’s dream of his mother dying and then Kerry wakes up. She runs to Cary’s room, but he’s missing. Walter shows up in the doorway and walks toward her. Kerry runs as Walter makes a sexual move on her.

David walks down the hallway and sees the door Syd mentioned, when Amy appears to berate him. Melanie sees Oliver in the diving suit in the wall. Melanie gets sucked through the wall and opens a door to a cold room. She sees Syd cower as a bullet heads toward her. Melanie tries to move her as eyes appear and look at her. David sits down with Lenny and she explains a fungus in ants and says that’s what love is. She talks about power and we see Walter continue to chase Kelly. Lenny says she knows his real father and that he tried to hide him form her, The Devil in the Yellow Eyes. We see David trapped in a mirror. Cary appears to Syd in the diving suit.

legion 106
Image via FX

This was a very interesting episode. I think Lenny’s monologue at the end leads us to believe that Professor X is indeed David’s father in this universe. Cary showing up in the diving suit was strange. I’m not sure what that is about. I’m starting to wonder if Syd is going to be killed by that bullet when everything unfreezes. I’m also wondering if Oliver is trying to fight Lenny and that’s why everyone can see him. It also looks like Lenny trapped David’s mind in a mirror. I wonder if the parasite takes over David’s body and the mission to save David is how the season ends, now that there is a season 2. I’ll most likely theorize on season 2 in a separate article.

I feel like Syd is the key to all of this and somehow Walter has connected with the parasite or maybe he’s the one who gave David the parasite and Melanie, Oliver and Walter worked with Professor X in the past. Every time Syd starts to realize the truth, Lenny blocks her from remembering. She’s gotta be the key to getting rid of the parasite. It’s gonna end up being love conquers all or something like that, which would be lame. I wonder if Oliver will be back by the end of the season. We see in the preview for next that Cary talks to Oliver, does he come back or is that a season 2 thing? There are only 2 episodes left, so I’m going to go with the idea of saving David from the mind trap that Lenny placed him in. I’m still trying to figure out how Walter plays into all of this. Is he just going to be saved until next season? Will they finish his arc?

I don’t know if this was their best episode. It felt like the first filler episode. I’m not totally sure what the point of the hospital was unless that pays off next episode. If anything, this episode makes things more confusing. I still enjoyed it and the abstract thoughts and ideas it asked involving reality. Maybe a second watch is in order. I’m not sure. I hope we start getting some more answers. We’re headed for the finish line and there are plenty of open questions.


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