Iron Fist title
Image via Netflix

The series opens with Danny going back to his father’s company but no one believes it’s him. He heads over to where he and his parent used to live. He sees a picture of his father’s partner’s kid, who were at the office. As he remembers playing with Ward and Joy, Joy comes home. Danny talks to a homeless man who searched Harold Meacham on an iPhone. He visited Joy again but she still doesn’t believe him. She talks to her brother and then Danny shows up in his car. He tells him about all the nasty things he did to him as a kid. He also met Colleen Wing. He visits her dojo and gets attacked by Rand security when he leaves. Ward is notified about Danny and goes to visit his father, who is still alive. The homeless man died and Danny went to see Joy at Rand. She drugged him and they put him in a psych ward.

It’s a decent first episode. It does a good job of introducing you to this world. It didn’t wow me like the other Marvel Netflix shows, but I’m definitely interested in where it goes next. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Danny in the comics. That’s why I’m mostly a fan of Luke Cage when he’s away from him. I know that there is a lot of backlash over Danny being white and not Asian, but I’m not going to get into all of that.

Iron Fist 101
Image via Netflix

It has a very Batman Begins and Arrow feel to it, where the prodigal son comes back to reclaim his birthright and there are the children of his father’s partner running the company. I like his interactions with the homeless man and Colleen, who is now Asian but I don’t really care. The fight scenes for the most part are okay. I thought the lobby scene was too choreographed, but I enjoyed the one during the parade/celebration. Placing him in a psych ward is really clichéd, so it ends on kind of a bummer.

I’m wondering if Harold is really the big bad or is it Madame Wong, like was shown in the trailers. I’m also thinking Joy figures out its him and tries to stop her brother. I also don’t think she knows her father is alive. I’m looking forward to the flashbacks. Hopefully they are early in Arrow good and not later in Arrow awful. I enjoyed it and I’m going to keep watching. I love that Netflix releases the whole season at once.


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