Iron Fist title
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Episode 2 starts with a doctor talking to Danny. It’s not really a doctor, just another patient. Ward and Joy discuss drugging Danny and the possibility it is Danny. A real doctor came in and talked to Danny and he told him what happened with the plane crash. The doctor shows him a passport with a fake name from Canada. Colleen is walking down the street and senses someone following her. She gets jumped but it was just a test for her students. Danny calls Colleen but she doesn’t believe him. Danny tries to meditate but can’t focus because of the drugs.

Ward visited Colleen and the therapist called Joy about a commercial she did with Danny before the crash. Harold decides to take a trip to see Danny and he tells Harold about the Iron Fist and the Hand. Ward returns to Colleen’s dojo with a check and paperwork about Danny. Joy sent Danny M&Ms and Colleen came to visit Danny. Joy believes that it’s Danny and Colleen gives her the unsigned papers. The doctor believes he’s Danny but not the Iron Fist. Harold tells Ward to do something about Danny. Danny is sent to a padded room where some thugs beat him up. The assault causes him to unleash the Iron Fist and he breaks out of the hospital.

Iron Fist 102
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Okay so in this episode, I found a major story flaw. At the end of the last episode, The Meachams drugged Danny and put him in a psych ward. Why? As this episode tells us, it’s to keep him locked away so that no one finds out he’s Danny Rand or maybe to figure out if he is Danny Rand. Either way, it’s a flaw in logic. First, who has he actually been in contact with? The Meachams, a homeless man and Colleen. The homeless man is dead. Colleen thinks he’s just some weirdo and didn’t really think about him at all until he called from the hospital. Ward wants to kill him and Joy is just confused and in denial. So, it’s up to Harold to make a decision. That decision is to put him in a psych ward with cameras to figure out if he’s Danny Rand.

Why not just kill him when he was drugged? Nobody would’ve come looking for him. Your problem is solved. Maybe Joy would’ve but even then, she wasn’t as curious about him as after the call from the doctor. That’s another person. The doctor believes he’s Danny Rand. Now, Harold thinks it’s a good time to kill him. Now that more people know him and have talked to him. By now you must realize Harold caused the plane crash. Faking his death was probably a way to escape scrutiny, so he put his kids in charge. Well more like Ward. Joy still doesn’t realize he’s alive. Also, who wrote on his window? Is that the Hand? That story flaw bothered me throughout the episode, so this felt like filler. Having your second episode be filler is not a good way to start the series, but I’ll grind through it.


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