Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

In this episode, a man named Cain told a story about a haunted house during Halloween. Kids dressed up as Batman, Zantanna, Doctor Fate and Constantine help some kids get away from bullies. They find the haunted house and are attacked by monsters. Klarion the Witch Boy, as it turns out, shrunk the justice leaguers down to kids, so these kids are really the heroes. He did all it for Doctor Fate’s helmet. After they fight off the monsters, Fate teleports them out of the house and he traps Klarion the Witch Boy inside. The leaguers transform back into their adult selves and take off.

This was an episode that is definitely geared towards kids. I know what you’re saying. “It’s a cartoon. It’s supposed to be geared towards kids.” Obviously, I realize this. What I mean is that it’s a story at a lower maturity level. It’s one of my least favorite episode, but it isn’t necessarily a bad episode. The story felt cut off. This could’ve been a normal 30-minute episode. We don’t really know how the Leaguers became children and I’m not sure if Cain was just in a narration role, similar to the snowman in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” This was another Justice League Dark episode that included Batman, and honestly, he didn’t need to be there. This is also another Paul Dini-written episode, which is odd. It feels unfinished, but he probably had a longer narrative in mind, but they truncated it.

The next episode is another magic setting that has Batman teaming up with Jason Blood to fight an animated Batmobile under the spell of Brother Night. I don’t mind all of this Batman because he’s my favorite character being written by one of my favorite writers, Dini, but I wish they could have someone be featured so that the kids can see the variety of characters. There was Plastic Man in the first episode and Firestorm early in the season. They could do a Green Arrow and Black Canary episode or maybe introduce someone different. Back to this episode, it was good, but meant more for kids.


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