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Supergirl starts with Kara and Mon-El cuddled up on the couch when a message comes through the TV, demanding Mon-El. Kara encounters the ship and Mon-El decides to surrender. Kara finds out he’s the crown Prince of Daxam. She dines with his parents before heading back to earth, clearly upset with him. Meanwhile, Winn and his girlfriend broke into the art museum. Maggie had him come to the station about it the next day and showed footage of “Starry Night” being stolen with only him on camera.

Kara talks to the Queen about convincing Mon-El to go back with them and rebuild Daxam. Winn, James and Alex went searching for his girlfriend. He found her and brought Guardian, who has to fight her friends. After they arrest her, she tells Winn that a ln art smuggler has her brother. J’onn refuses to help, so he takes his girlfriend and goes rogue. Kara tries to convince Mon-El to go back with him parents.

Winn and his girlfriend meet with the art smuggler, but brought him a fake. Meanwhile, Guardian showed up to fight him and then the DEO showed up to arrest him. Mon-El and Kara break up, but he tells his parents that Earth is his home now. To end the episode, Music Meister is brought into the DEO and traps Kara in a musical dimension. He uses the breach device to travel to Earth 1.

To be continued on “The Flash”…

This was an interesting episode. The Winn storyline was meh. I hate Guardian as you know, so he dragged down that part. Why isn’t he dead from lead poisoning yet? Lead poisoning must not exist on Earth 39… Anyway, I like when Winn goes off the reservation but he did it with Alex’s help which was lame. I wish the DEO just showed up without him knowing. I hope they don’t have Winn date a villain every season.

I was a little disappointed in the amount of screen time Kevin Sorbo got, but I liked Teri Hatcher in this episode. Too bad we won’t see Teri and Dean Cain in the same scene together. I really enjoyed Mon-El in this episode. Everyone complains about him, but I think he’s one of the better characters and he was able to show some emotional chops. Kara was an afterthought for most of the episode until the weird crossover moment with Music Meister.

The trailer was for “The Flash” where Barry gets sucked into this musical dimension. I think they need to figure out a better way to integrate the crossovers into Supergirl. The last one didn’t even need to be included because they showed that scene during “The Flash”. I hope they don’t spend too much time setting stuff up on The Flash and just get to the point. Anyway, this was an okay episode. Not the best, but enjoyable.


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