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Mon-El and J’onn bring Kara to Star Labs and ask for Team Flash’s help. Music Meister attacked Barry and Wally before bringing Barry to the musical dimension where Kara is singing. Music Meister shows up and tells them they have to follow the script of the musical, which includes Winn as a pianist, Cisco as a bartender and Malcolm Merlyn as the club owner. The heroes get guns pulled on them by a couple of gangsters led by Martin Stein. Joe, in the musical, needs them to find Iris. They do, but she’s with Mon-El making out. In the real world, Caitlin figure out that Music Meister is draining Flash and Supergirl’s powers. Kid Flash, Vibe and Manhunter go after him. In the musical, the convince iris and Mon-El to tell their parents about their love. Stein and Joe are Iris’s fathers and Merlyn is Mon-El’s dad. The heroes get shot and Cisco vibes Iris and Mon-El into the musical dimension. A kiss brings them back and Music Meister says he just wanted to help with their broken hearts. The couples make up and Barry proposes to Iris again.

This was an interesting episode. Not one of the best, but there were some great moments like Martian Manhunter fight alongside Vide and Kid Flash. That was great. I missed him during the midseason crossover. The musical part was strange at first and honestly didn’t last very long. I wish that it started at the beginning of Supergirl. For some reason, they just tac Supergirl on to these crossovers. I don’t know if that was done on purpose or if it was just where the episode fell in the order. Like most stuff involving The Flash this season, it just seemed haphazardly thrown together. I like how they got Merlyn to be in it and Stein. I didn’t realize Victor Garber could sing. I liked the original song Barry and Kara sang. Just overall, it started great but felt rushed.

The Flash 317
Image via The CW

Looking ahead, the preview for The Flash has Abra Kadabra as the villain. He knows who Savitar is and Gypsy returns to help. He’s from the future and has been a Flash villain in the comics for years, 1962 to be exact. He’s fought every version of Flash, but TV Barry is essentially Wally from the comics. There is a recent arc in Titans Rebirth where Kadabra shows up to face Wally. That would be a great place to start if you’re new to comics. He faced him many times in the modern age of DC as well. He is definitely a great villain and I hope he works out well next week and I hope the episode is better than some of the episode this season.


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