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The Legends travel to the vanishing point to find the last piece that Thawne has. The Legends have to find J.J.R. Tolkien who knows where to find some of the blood of Christ, since they can’t go to the crucifixion. They travel to the north of France in 1916. Mick sees Snart as Rip, Ray and Nate find Tolkien and bring him back to the ship. They heal Tolkien and find the man who had Christ’s blood. The legion grabbed Snart from earlier in the timeline and he joined them. They, along with the Germans, attack the Legends. After they escape, the Legends figure out that the inscription is a map. The vial of Christ’s blood is in the middle of the Battle of the Somme. After requests for a ceasefire go unheard, Sara, Nate, Mick and Amaya head for the blood. Rip hijacks the radio and convinces both sides to make a cease-fire. The Legion of Doom show up and Mick joined them, taking the spear with him. The Legends make their escape on the Waverider. The Legion of Doom read instructions from a book and rewrite history.

Image via The CW

This was a fun episode. I love that Snart is back from his “Prison Break” sabbatical and was plucked from earlier in the timeline, before he learned to sacrifice himself for the team. It was nice to see something with Mick. He may not get great growth on the show, but all this Snart stuff is getting paid off. Also, the Legion of Doom essentially won and changed reality. It’s going to be interesting to see the warped reality in the penultimate episode before they take a breather and then the finale. It’s getting closer. I’m trying to figure out what we’re in store for next season, but Rex Tyler came out of nowhere last season. Maybe Legion of Super-Heroes? It’s a possibility. It also allows Mon-El to join the Legends.

Back to the episode, I really like how they incorporate historical figures. Of course, some of the historical accuracy gets lost, but I’m okay with that. It was still entertaining and I thought giving Amaya and Mick similar arcs was great. You knew they would do separate things though. The team has tried to make Mick feel more like part of the team, but it hasn’t been working and that all paid off this week. As soon as he sees his good buddy Snart and it reminds him of the good ole days, he leaps at the opportunity. I don’t blame him. I hope we see Mick and Snart join the team again or maybe they’re going to go back to “The Flash”. Sara, Ray, Jax, Stein and Rip with maybe Amaya’s granddaughter could be the line up next year. Jessie Quick could be another choice. They got to have more than Sara as female cast members. Anyway, this was a good and exciting episode. I hope it finishes strong. This is definitely the most balanced series on The CW for DC.


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