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In the penultimate episode of “Legion”, it starts with lights flashing in the hospital hallway and Kerry running away from Walter. The Yellow Eyed Devil as Lenny asked Amy about when David first came to live with them. We find out that the man in the diving suit with Cary is, in fact, Oliver. Oliver tells Cary that the Yellow Eyed Devil is definitely Amahl Farouk, The Shadow King. Oliver tells Cary about The Shadow King locking David in a deep corner of his mind and trying to take over his body. Cary takes the Diving Suit and assembles everyone so that he can devise a plan to put his halo device on David in the real world. Oliver is currently freezing time in the real world, preventing everyone’s deaths. Cary gives Syd sets of glasses from Oliver to help her retrieve the others.

Melanie is in the real world looking at the frozen scene. Oliver and Cary appear with her. Oliver shakes Melanie’s hand, but he doesn’t remember her. Melanie finds one of the other members of her team dying upstairs and whispers in his ear. Syd finds him and Kerry in the mind world, where Kerry locks Walter out in the hallway. We see Lenny in the office and David is in a coffin with his rational mind, who speaks with a British accent. His rational mind brings him to a classroom with chalkboards. He figures out that His real father is a telepath, who fought The Shadow King and won. David also figures out that the Shadow King has been with him since birth.

Syd, Kerry and the man walk around the hospital, wearing Oliver’s glasses. David breaks free and Oliver changes the situation in the real world. Syd sees Walter attack Kerry and helps her. David checks every door. No one can hear anything. Lenny takes control of Walter and bends him up and crushes his bones. She moves on to the girls. Lenny sees what Oliver is up to and attacks. When Lenny gets back to the girls, she takes control of them. David uses his powers to The Shadow King. Cary gets the halo on his head and everyone gets back into their bodies. He turns around, preventing Syd from getting shot. David teleports them out of the room and they walk through a forest. Back at the house, Melanie sees Oliver back in the real world serving everyone food. David goes with Cary, Ptonomy and Syd to the lab. Division 3 shows up and threatens to kill everyone. Meanwhile, Shadow King breaks free.

legion 107
Image via FX

This was a great bridge episode. It tied up the Oliver storyline and the adoption storyline. Until the final few minutes, it tied up the Shadow King storyline as well. Division 3 shows up and sets up the final confrontation outside of the Summerland house. I thought that having David’s rational side talk with a British accent was funny and genius. It gives you a little tease about Professor X. I was surprised that they brought Oliver back this season. I thought that might have been a season 2 arc. The Shadow King basically killed Walter, which I thought was odd. I thought they maybe would have had them work together, but I guess not. Now this other person from Division 3 has come for David. I think we’re going to see the Shadow King manifest himself as a real living thing and take out the division 3 threat. Then, it’ll turn its attention to David and crew.


The preview for the season finale shows David taking charge and showing the force of his powers. Division 3 decides to drop “The Peacemaker”, which sounds like a bomb of some sort and is essentially a homo-sapiens response to this area full of homo-superiors. It’s very interesting. I’m curious as to whether David is controlling his body still at this point and how do they exorcise Shadow King from David’s body. I think someone will die before the end of the season. I hope it isn’t Syd. It might be Kerry or Ptonomy. I’m not sure if Cary dies if Kerry dies… I’m also curious as to whether there will be a teaser for next season at the end, since it was just given a second season. Anyway, this episode was great like most of the episodes in this first season. It really gives closure but great setup for the finale.


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