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In this episode, Mon-El makes breakfast for Kara but an Alien attacks downtown National City. The president talks to J’onn via video chat. Alex and Maggie run into the latter’s ex-girlfriend and they invite her for dinner. At the DEO, they figure out the alien was a bounty hunter looking for Kara. The team asks Kara to lay low and Mon-El meets with his parent at the underground bar. They tell him that they didn’t put the bounty on Kara. At Dinner, Maggie’s ex stood them up and Mon-El gets back to the apartment only to be controlled by a mind controlling alien. Kara and Mon-El fight on a rooftop and Winn stops the alien. At the DEO, J’onn finds out that the Daxamites did order the bounty. Kara and Mon-El invite his mother to the Fortress of Solitude. She pulls out kryptonite laced sighs and attacks Kara. Mon-El agrees to go with her.

Aboard the ship, his mother calls off the bounty and his father didn’t know she made the bounty. Alex talks to Maggie about her ex when Kara calls. Alex and J’onn meet Kara at the DEO. Kara begs J’onn to break the president’s orders and go after the Daxam ship. Mon-El tried to convince his father to change things and give everyone a say, but his mother threw him in a cell. Kara jumps through a portal and lands on the ship’s thrown room and Winn lands in the cell area. He gets Mon-El out and we find out Kara is really J’onn. He fights Mon-El’s mother and Kara joins the fight, as well as Mon-El’s father. Finally, his father agrees to let him return to earth. Alex has Maggie apologize to her ex, J’onn gets chewed out by the president who is a shape shifter and Kara and Mon-El have a quiet night in. On the ship, Mon-El’s mother kills her husband for betraying her and she decides she isn’t done with Earth yet.

Image via The CW

This was a great episode and by far the best of the second half of the season. I enjoyed seeing all the fighting and the idea of bounty hunters coming after Kara. I was disappointed in Kevin Smith’s first episode of Supergirl this season and his episode of “The Flash”. This was a major step up and, even though there was Guardian, I loved it. Mon-El also knocking him out was great and did what I wish I could do all season. I know people have hated Mon-El this season, but this was great and he’s awesome. Also I spied with my little eye a Legionaries ring in the Fortress of Solitude! This leads me to believe that we will be seeing the Legion of Super-Heroes and that he will be joining them. I loved seeing J’onn in action and when Kara joined him was great. I wish they could have them team up more. Also who is that shape shifter posing as the President. It seemed like a Dominator. I’m not sure how that is going to come into play.

Unfortunately, the show is taking a month break. On the April 24th episode, it seems like a lot of damage is happening, but it was all pretty much vague. There’s only a few episodes left so we should be coming to a conclusion on both Cadmus and Mon-El’s mother. It was kind of strange that she just straight up stabbed her husband. There is still hope for a scene between Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain. I am hoping we see Lena do a heel turn since she has been graduated to series regular for season three. I think we’ll see James leave and return to Metropolis. He been MIA a lot and Guardian has received negative comments (How has he not died for lead poisoning yet!!!!). Overall, I loved the episode and I wish every episode could be this great.


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