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On “The Flash”, we meet Abra Kadabra as he steals an item from Kord Industries and leaves two men dead. He’s from the future and know about Barry, Iris and Savitar. Gypsy shows up to collect him and bring him back to Earth-19. As Barry captures him, he says he can tell him who Savitar is. Gypsy tells Cisco that Abra Kadabra took someone from him. Barry and Iris discuss it as Joe goes to the pipeline and let him out to find out who Savitar is. Gypsy shows to stop him, but Abra Kadabra got away. He took a device from Thawne’s future room and blew up the hallway, where Caitlin was impaled with a pipe. Iris and Julian operate as Caitlin walks them through it. Gypsy figures out that Kadabra is trying to build a time machine. They pinpoint where his time ship is and the team stops him, allowing Gypsy to cuff him. Barry asks him one last time who is Savitar, but he refuses. Gypsy takes him back to Earth-19. Joe and Iris console each other as Barry states he’s going to the future. Caitlin starts coding and dies. Julian rips off her necklace and she becomes Killer Frost.

This was an okay episode. I liked Abra Kadabra and the fact that Gypsy came back, but the rest of the episode was just kinda blah. We got to see Joe’s girlfriend again. I wonder if she’s going to either die or find out Barry is the Flash by the end of the season. That’s usually how things work. I’m also cementing right now that they are going to stop Iris from dying. For all this pomp and circumstance to be for nothing would be dumb. I am curious about Barry traveling to the future. At least he isn’t going back in time to mess something up. I’m also wondering if this is when Caitlin makes her heel turn and fully becomes Killer Frost. It would be fantastic. Hopefully, we can get some Frost/Captain Cold team ups.

The Flash 318
Image via The CW

As for this episode, I mentioned a few positives. As for negatives, I didn’t really like the fact that Iris could help Julian perform surgery on Caitlin. That made me chuckle a bit. I also didn’t like the fact that Barry entertained the idea of letting Kadabra go or that Joe pretty much did. Both are very out of character and seemed to be put in there as an act of desperation, after they just said previously that they weren’t going to let the future dictate their actions. I’m not sure what has happened to this show. It used to be the best, but it’s following the “Arrow” trend of nonsense and low quality. It makes me disappointed. I hope it can end on a high note and everything gets reassessed before shooting begins in July for next season.

Now for my big prediction… who is Savitar? I’ve been saying it is Eddie, but after this episode some new hints have changed my mind. I was open to the possibility two weeks ago, that it could possibly be Future Wally with the way Savitar treated Jessie. I know some say it’s Future Barry, but I’m not leaning that way either because Abra Kadabra said that he was the first with speed. Which brings me to my final guess as to who Savitar is…. JAY GARRICK! Yes, folks. I believe Jay Garrick went nutso insane in the speed force after rescuing Wally and is now seeking revenge upon Barry and Wally. He went easy on Jessie, but his fight isn’t with her. I’m sure they’ve developed some sort of friendship for her to want to go to Earth 3 to fill in for him. Who do you think is Savitar? What did you think of this episode? I’ll see ya in a month!


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