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In the finale, We see how the agent from Division 3 survived the fire back at the beginning of the season and his return to hunt down David. Back in the present, David moves all the troops into a pile. David isn’t sure if he really has powers or is insane. We also see the agent’s husband watching what’s happening via cameras. The Summerland crew debates what to do with the agent. They decide to read his mind. Melanie goes in to talk the agent and he goes out to see David. He says division three is part of a government. David attempts to read his mind. Meanwhile, Lenny is in Syd and David’s head. She threatened to kill David and David passes out while interrogating the agent. Oliver tries to help David. They start to remove the parasite, but Shadow King fights back.

Syd goes in and kisses David and receives the parasite that she passes on to Kerry. She fights her way out but David catches up to her. As David and Kerry hit each other, something enters Oliver as he remembers Melanie. He gets up and drives away from Summerland. David and Kerry get up and are fine. Once they regroup, they realize the Shadow King entered Oliver and we see him and Lenny in a car driving down the road. There is an end credit scene where David senses where Oliver is headed when a flying sphere sucks him up and takes him away.

This was an interesting finale. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I was hoping we’d get a big fight between Summerland and Division 3, but that didn’t happen. I figured Shadow King would leave David, but I didn’t expect it would land in Oliver. I also don’t understand fully the end credit scene. Who is piloting the orb thing? Is that Walter or Division 3? Is it Professor Xavier and Cerebro?

The fight between David and Kerry was interesting but muted. I hoped we’d get a big psychic battle, which kind of happened. It was mostly in his head, then the glowing charge at each other. Overall, I did like the episode just a bit disappointed. I thought Audrey Plaza was a standout in this episode and throughout the season. As a whole, this is definitely in my top five superhero seasons and is one of my favorite shows of the season. Was it strict to the comics? Not really, but it was excellently written and the characters were intriguing. The effects were awesome and leaps above the DC CW shows. Maybe this shows them that they could do shorter seasons. Eight episodes were great, much like “Stranger Things”. I think this is a sweet spot for television right now.

What can we look forward to next season? Well Summerland has to find David and then go hunt for Oliver. We also may meet Professor Xavier as the Shadow King looks for other telepaths. Could we see Jean Grey or Emma Frost? It would be amazing, but I’m not sure if they will. Will Division 3 and Summerland work together or are they still enemies? I bet we’re going to have to wait a year for it, which kind of sucks but I hope means it’s good. Thanks for following my reviews all season and I’ll periodically make articles speculating about Season 2 and what’s to come.


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