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The Legion of Doom has rewritten reality. Darhk is Mayor of Star City with Sara and Amaya as his heavies. Thawne runs Star Labs and Smart and Mick own half of Central City. Nate shows up and knows someone has messed with reality. Snart and Mick bring him into the woods. Mick knocks out Snart and rescues Nate. He brings him to find Ray. Mick uses a device on both of them to revive their memories. Sara and Amaya hunt them down. They hit Sara with the memory device. She went back to Darhk’s office to get Amaya. He realized she was getting her memories back and almost killed her, but she hit Amaya with the device. They shot their way out of the office. The team got Jax back and they figure out that Thawne wants to destroy the spear.

Sara doesn’t allow Mick to join them so he goes back to the legion and tells them their plans. The team comes and attacks Thawne to get the spear. The rest of the Legion came to stop him as well so they could use the spear. Mick had the spear and gave it to Amaya, who was frozen and shattered by Snart. Thawne got the spear back and destroyed the spear. The Legends retreated to Ray’s apartment and decide they need to go back to 1916 and stop the Legion from gaining the spear in the first place. Rip finally gets the beacon working again but the Waverider is miniaturized and placed on Thawne desk.

LoT 216
Image via The CW

I thought this was a strange episode. The rewriting of reality gimmick was good, but they never really fully explained why they kept the legends around. If it was Thawne’s idea, then that was really out of character. Killing them would have been first on the agenda, especially Sara and Ray. I liked that Mick wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement that Snart made with the legion. He realized he backed the wrong horse and tried to make it right. The slapping got a little old though. I also thought the Felicity as a Vigilante thing was neat, but would Ollie be the Green Arrow if reality was changed? Also, if they rewrote reality how can go back in time to when the legion got the spear. Is it only reality changing from a point or all of reality. Obviously the former if the team can go back in time and basically erase the last two episodes.

Now there was a rumor that Black Siren is showing up on the Legends finale… Why? Is it because of Sara? She’s become a series regular on season 6 of “Arrow”, so she can’t be joining the legends. She may pull a Rex Tyler and show up in the last few minutes. Will Black Flash get EoBard? I’m not sure. Up until this episode, this season has been great except for the time travel issues. I like what if episodes, but this puzzled me a bit. I hope the finale ends on a high note after this slight bump in the road.


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