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After a recap of the season, we see Rip finds out he’s miniaturized and gets in contact with the legends via a radio. They find Ray’s suit and make the Waverider big again. They head back to 1916 France and grab the blood of Christ. Thawne ran back in time and ripped out Ray’s heart, killing him. They decide to break into the other Waverider when their other selves leave. Thawne informs his original team of the situation. In the ship, Nate tells the old selves that the blood is in the Galapagos islands in 1984 and hugs Amaya, causing a delay. That delay forces them to stay in the ship due to their old selves coming back from the church. They figure out that there is a second legion team and the truth comes out about the future. Sara talks to herself and Nate talks to himself. The Legion of Doom attacks the ship so they decide to leave 1916, but get caught in a time storm.

The Legends, new and old, get into a fight with the legion of Doom. Some of the older legends die, but Thawne shows up with a ton of past and future versions of himself as they make a run for it. As he takes out the Legends, Sara uses the spear and sees Laurel. Thawne grabbed the spear from her and tried to use it. She changed it so that the spear is useless and that Black Flash finds Thawne, who kills him and erases him from existence. Once time is fixed, future Sara disappears. They put the legion of Doom back to where they are supposed to be in the timeline and erase their memories. Rip takes the jump ship and leaves. The legends set a course for Aruba but get thrown out of the time stream in Los Angeles 2017 and time has bunched together.

Yeah… so that happened. If there was any possible way to ruin my favorite DC CW show, then they found it. That was god awful. Putting aside the total annihilation of the idea of how time travel works in their own universe and show, it was a poorly structured finale. Amaya shouldn’t stay with them. It was set up for her to go back and for Nate to go with her. Another problem is future Mick wanted to go to Aruba, the running joke of the episode. There’s no point in the episode where older Mick knows of those plans. But, Older Mick sets a course there. That doesn’t really make sense. I had to watch the episode again to make sure the right members died. They did so the Mick thing is confusing.

LoT 217
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The multiple Thawnes are a little ridiculous. If the Legends put the Legion back in their places in time, how do they not see time is messed up then. Certainly, they should have realized it when they put Malcolm back in his apartment in 2016. Time Travel has always been a problem with this show. They still never solved the Stein’s daughter enigma. She still shouldn’t exist. The last two episodes of the season were poorly thought out and I’m not even sure if the writers have ever dealt with science fiction before. Maybe they thought that since it was on the CW, people won’t care. But, I’m sure there are other viewers who feel as I do.

Not to be a complete Debbie Downer, I thought the way they used Laurel was interesting. I was wondering how Black Siren was going to fit into the episode, but it seems like that wasn’t the case. I also liked how they tried to avoid their older selves. That’s really about it though. I feel like the time travel issue really caught up with them, much like the Black Flash caught up with Thawne. I put a damper on what could’ve been an excellent finale.

The season, in general, was fun with the introduction of the JSA to Evil Rip to Snart’s sort of return. If you put aside the time travel stuff for most of the season, it was really well written character wise. I feel like this show and “The Flash” were running (no pun intended) with opposite time travel theories that affected both shows adversely, especially during the Heroes vs Aliens crossover. The teaser they showed at the end of the episode very much worries me. Maybe they realize that they’ve messed up the timeline so much, but that has to affect the other shows. If this time mess isn’t shown in “The Flash” and “Arrow”, then I’ll be extremely disappointed. They tried to have Flashpoint and Legends intersect, but that failed too. I may have hated this episode, but the season overall was okay to good.

Thank you for following my reviews this season and, hopefully, you’ll stick around to see the other shows I review.


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