Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

Zatanna, Batman and Etirgan fight some supernatural robots as Felix Faust steals Zatanna’s hat. They track it down to Scotland via her bunnies. Once they get there, Batman and Etirgan fight an insect work monster as Zatanna goes after her hat. Batman and Etirgan stop the monster before it reaches land and Zatanna gets her hat back from Faust. This was a pretty straight forward episode. It felt like a continuation of the last episode since it features the same heroes. Once again, I’m not a huge fan of the supernatural episodes. I am hoping the next episode shifts the focus to other Leaguers.

I thought the bunny tracker was a little lame, even by kid show standards. This was essentially a Zatanna episode, which is fine. Felix Faust is another character I wasn’t familiar with, but liked him as the antagonist. Batman and Etirgan taking on the worm monster felt like busy work, but it was a good action scene nonetheless. I believe we have another few weeks between episodes. The episodes don’t air in the same order that they did in the UK and Poland, so it’s a little tough to know what’s coming next.

Overall, it’s a solid episode. I do wish they’d stop adding Batman. At this point, Zatanna could probably lead an episode since she’s been in a good amount of them. I am looking forward to a break from the supernatural and who they feature next.


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