Image via The CW

National City is quiet for the moment, allowing Kara to try cooking until Lena Luthor visits. She asks her to come with her to the press conference for medical nano bots developed by her ex-boyfriend Jack Sphere. Kara is asked a man to meet him in the parking lot. He is a former employee of Jack Sphere and tells Kara that the human trials were faked. The nano bots attacked his car, killing him. As Lena met with Jack, Kara gave James an article to run. She followed Snapper to an informants house as Supergirl. The nano bots came to attack them and she froze them before they could kill him. Lena goes out on a date with Jack and Kara and Mon-El head to the restaurant. Mon-El takes Jack’s security card and breaks into his computer, finding out that Jack is the killer and a human nano bot trial.

Kara visits Snapper and they collaborate on the Spheerical article. Lena approaches Jack about the murders, but the CFO shows up and shows that she is controlling him. Supergirl showed up to save Lena, but was attacked by the nanites. In order to stop them from killing Supergirl, Lena would have to override the system resulting in Jack’s death. Kara consoles Lena and Snapper gives Kara her job back. Meanwhile, Mon-El’s mother shows up at Lena’s office. There was also a story arc involving Guardian, Winn and his girlfriend.

Image Via The CW

This was a good episode. I enjoyed the focus on Lena Luthor, a character that has gotten little true development this season. The Guardian stuff could’ve been cut, but they needed a B story in the episode. I liked the use of Mon-El in this episode. He brought much needed comic relief to this episode. I liked the actor who played Jack, he’s also on iZombie. He and Lena had great chemistry. I think his death will just add to her heel turn, which I see coming at the end of the season. I also liked Kara doing more reporting and getting her job back at CatCo. I’m surprised Snapper hasn’t put two and two together yet with Kara being Supergirl. You would think the reporter would figure it out.

I am curious as to what Mon-El’s mother wants with Lena. Is she going to be the reason why Lena turns bad? The episode next week seems to be about Kara needing to save Alex from some sort of death trap. It will probably just end up being filler, which is not what you want with a handful of episodes left. I hope this season can end strong. We still need to see the closure on Cadmus. Does Mon-El’s mother have a team up in mind? I’m still holding out hope for the Legion of Super-Heroes and Mon-El joining them. There was a Legion ring in the fortress. Seeing an all out brawl with all of the players for each group. I’m hoping for the best, but knowing this season of DC CW series it may not end well.


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