Image via The CW

This episode starts with Barry figuring out that he needs to get to 2024 and Killer Frost is on the loose in Star Labs. Barry comes to help, but she gets away. He travels to the year 2024 to figure out how to stop Savitar. After running into Mirror Master, he went to his apartment and Cisco found him. He brought Barry to Star Labs Andy found his older self who refused to help. Barry couldn’t get back to the past, so Cisco tells him what happened. Cisco loses his hands by Frost, Julian kept Killer Frost locked up, Wally’s spine was broken by Savitar and Joe and Barry were estranged. He came back to see his older self.

Cisco reveals he’s been keeping Barry in the future so that he can bring Team Flash back together. He runs around and grabs H.R., Julian and Joe to stop Mirror Master and Top. Older Barry suits up and helps him. He goes back to the past and promises Joe to always stick with him. Meanwhile, Killer Frost finds Savitar who shows her who he is but not on screen.

Now, I’m curious… 2024 was the year The Flash was supposed to disappear in a crisis, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening. I wonder if this happens after Team Flash gets back together. Anyway, this was probably the best episode of the season. It still lacked that emotional gut punch like some of the past episodes, but it did it’s job.

We are getting closer to finding out Savitar’s identity. Unlike other seasons, we really aren’t given hints as to who he is. Reverse Flash was teased from the start with Wells doing sketchy things. Zoom was sort of obvious once we saw Jay’s doppelganger and his name was Hunter Zolomon. But with Savitar, we really are just guessing based on little lines or looks. Like last night, Killer Frost was coy but made it seem like he’d never believe who it is. This leads me to believe it can only be 3 options based on her reaction and Wally’s shock; Future Barry, Future Wally or Jay Garrick who spent too much time in the Speed Force. They keep saying he was the first with speed, which leads me to believe it’s Jay.

Image Via The CW

As for the episode, I liked how young Barry had to bring hope to his older self. I like time travel stories, so that was a major plus for me. It was also nice that Cisco made a Back to the Future joke, my favorite film. I’m surprised Julian ended up staying a good guy. I would have thought he’d turn on the team. It’s also strange the H.R. stuck around too. I wonder if they ever found out who his partner was.

The season as a whole has missed that extra something that season one had and that season two held onto, but this showed how it isn’t too late unlike “Arrow”. If they can finish season three strong, then they can get season four to be back at those excellent levels of season one. I really hope this season can finish strong.


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