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Maggie is unhappy with Supergirl over her constant interruption in police business. Meanwhile, Alex was taken and the kidnapper knows Kara is Supergirl. Lena and Rhea talk about an Interdimensional portal idea. The DEO visits the man in prison that the kidnapper wants freed. Winn figures it out that the guy’s son is from Midvale and went to school with Kara. She finds him and talks to Alex. Kara and Maggie interrogate him. They tried tricking him with J’onn, but it didn’t work. Winn found Alex’s location and Kara flew over there, only to trigger the case to fill with water and give Kara less time to save her. Lena figures out Rhea is an alien and refuses to work with her. Maggie decides to break the father out of jail, but Kara stops her and convinces him to help them find her. They get to where she is just as the water reaches the top. Lena gets a visit from Rhea and tries to explain why she hid that she was an alien. They all have a nice reunion, Rick is mindwiped to forget that Kara is Supergirl and Lena agrees to help Rhea.

Supergirl 219
Image Via The CW

This was a good episode. Not as good as last week, but no James/Guardian at all. I liked the use of all the chartacters in this episode. The dynamic between Maggie and Kara was fantastic. The police and Supergirl should have an uncomfortableness between them. I remember there being that kind of animosity between Metropolis PD and Supes. The added extra of it being Alex’s girlfriend and sister ramps up the drama when she’s kidnapped. I also liked how Kara was more emotional towards the beginning and Maggie more levelheaded because those are their normal characteristics. The role reversal was a nice touch. The dialogue between Maggie and Alex over the laptop about doing firsts together was just so nice and really showed that they are the most well written relationship in the Arrowverse.

I also enjoyed the slight B story with Lena and Rhea. It looks like that will come to a boil next week. I am hoping that Rhea exposes Supergirl as the woman who stole her son and reveal her to be Kara. This would set up a great villain arc for the recently promoted season three regular. I don’t think we are getting an adult Lex and I think Lillian will die in the finale, leaving Lena as the only Luthor on the show. This whole season has been her trying to not be like the rest of her family and being besties with Kara, but we see how she treated Rhea when she found out she lied to her… Imagine if Lena finds out Kara has been lying to her about being Supergirl? I really hope that’s what they do, but it sounds like Zod will be involved somehow. Not that I don’t mind Zod being the villain, but we already got that in season one pretty much. After the rough patch from the first 2017 episode to right before this last break, I think this final set of 5 episodes is going to end the season on a high note. This episode gets a “Thumbs Up” from me.


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