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Flash goes after Tracy Brand, who is supposed to help defeat Savitar four years from now. Killer Frost is also sent to find her and kill her. Also Joe’s love life heats up with Cecile saying she loves him. They get HR to talk to Tracy Brand about her theories, but Frost shows up and attacks Tracy Brand. Cisco freezes up on putting down Frost and she stabs Flash in the leg. The team tells Tracy about the future and she runs away.

Meanwhile, Barry tries to help Joe with Cecile, telling him to tell her about team Flash. HR finds Tracy and talks to her. Joe talks to Cecile and breaks up with her, but Frost shows up and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t get her Tracy. Team Flash brings her, but Killer Frost attacks them all. Cisco finally attacks Frost and knocks her out. Savitar grabs her as Cisco takes her blood. Tracy figures out how to trap Savitar and Joe makes up with Cecile and say she loves her. As Joe, Barry, Wally and Iris talk, Barry figures out who Savitar is. He meets with him and sees that it’s himself from the future.

Well… I’m bummed about the reveal. I don’t really get why it’s Barry. Is it Barry from Flashpoint? Is it some weird future Barry that is stuck in the speed force and lost his marbles? I don’t know and I never read the comic where Future Barry was evil. I’ve been thinking it would be Jay Garrick due to him being stuck in the speed force. I guess I was wrong.

What a lot of people also forget is that this Barry who became The Flash in Season 1 is an alternate timeline. Thawne said Barry never suffered a great tragedy, so you would think Flashpoint was that original timeline. In Flashpoint, Barry isn’t the Flash and was never the Flash. That must mean that there is another Barry who still had his mother alive, but still became the Flash. Is that this Barry? A Barry out of time with no reality to go back to? I don’t know and I’m sure it’s going to be something stupid. It even looks like Savitar does something to Barry’s memory so that he forgets.

To the actual story of the episode, I’m wondering if this premature research by Tracy is going to throw the future out of whack. Obviously, they stop Savitar by the end of the season with her figuring out how to trap him. There has been the possibility thrown around that Joe dies instead of Iris. That would not only make me extremely unhappy, but may make me stop watching the show.

I did like how HR tried to genuinely connect to Tracy. I also liked Cisco’s issues with attacking Caitlin throughout the episode. His blow up at Julian was great and I was wondering why Julian was so weird in the episode. He wants to save her, but yet questions why Cisco didn’t attack her. Julian is such an odd character. Anyway, I thought the Joe and Cecile stuff was fantastic. Jesse L. Martin is such an incredible actor. I would give this episode a “Thumbs Up”, but just barely.


3 thoughts on ““The Flash” Season 3 Episode 20 Review

  1. I totally agree with you, I am really confused about why barry would kill Iris and if they did kill jo instead of Iris, it would leave a gap in the show, that they would never be able to fill. Great review!


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