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***SPOILERS: Only read if you’ve watched Season 1**

As you may know, I write reviews for “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. I thought it would be nice to go back and do a review for season one. Legends is comprised of a few misfits from the other DC CW shows; Firestorm, Captain Cold and Heatwave from “The Flash” and Sara and Ray from “Arrow” along with newcomers Hawkman and Hawkgirl with Rip Hunter. Being assembled by Rip under the guise of saving the world, his true intentions are revealed by the end of the first episode. He brought these people together to save his wife and child by stopping Vandal Savage, a villain that the Hawks have a deep connection. We get appearances by Oliver Queen, Laurel Lance, Cisco Ramon and Damian Darhk. There are also references to some of the actors’ former shows like Prison Break, Chuck and Alias, as well as a load from pop culture.

Many of the performances are top-notch, from Wentworth Miller to Victor Garber. The episodes, however, were really hit or miss in the first season. One of my favorite episodes of the series was “Star City 2046”, where we get to see Old Man Ollie and Grant Wilson as Deathstroke. The writing was great for the first handful of episodes, then they started writing themselves into corners. The violation of their own time travel rules started here and having two big bads for the season splits their attention. Chronos and Savage should have been in separate seasons. We also get the Ray/Kendra relationship that we never see built and we are just told that they love each other. There isn’t any build up for it. The wild west episode with Jonah Hex was good, but unnecessary. It does build Rip’s backstory, but it doesn’t do anything for the main arc that it abruptly interrupts. The time fragment thing is a bit ridiculous. It was just a reason to be in the Wild West.

There was a lot of iffy time travel stuff at the end. Jax going back to 2016 could possibly work, but it sort of only justifies Stein drugging Jax. Dropping the team off after Laurel is dead seems more like a way to not mess with “Arrow” season 4. Watching this season again reminded me of how much I missed Leonard Snart during season 2. Wentworth Miller is a fantastic actor and had great chemistry with Dominic Purcell and Caity Lotz. The finale was kind of meh with the whole Vandals throughout time thing, but I did like the tease for the JSA in season 2. I think this was a great blend of characters. They all seemed to gel very well. I thought killing off Carter for most of the season was dumb, but I realize that I didn’t really like him. Kendra was good, but the others work very well together. Kendra and Sara being friends was interesting. The development of Stein and Jax’s relationship was also done very well. The way it unfolded felt very natural. Jax hanging with Cold and Rory was also pretty fun to watch. You had Stein giving him good habits and those two making sure the bad balanced out.

Originally when this season first aired, I thought it was just meh. After watching it in full again, I appreciate it more. The season flows pretty well, except for a few episodes. The cast and character dynamics are the keys to this show. These actors seem to work better as a whole than separate. We were already introduced to these characters on other shows, so there wasn’t much need for backstory. That may hurt new viewers who don’t watch the other DC CW shows, but it was great for someone like me who watches all of them. Overall, it was a great experiment by DC that paid off and created probably their best series. I’d give season one of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” a thumbs up.

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