Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

Lex Luthor attacks Themyscira​ to retrieve the Oculus. Wonder Woman shows up to stop him as Circe shows up to help him. Circe traps Diana in stone and demands Hippolyta give them the Oculus staff. Batman and Superman show up to help Wonder Woman and are not warmly greeted. The trio are sent to get the Oculus before Lex becomes Zeus. Lex obtains the power of Zeus just as the Trinity find them and the five battle it out. Just as Circe turns the heroes into trees, Batman and Superman help Wonder Woman get her lasso and have Lex reveal his real plans, turning Circe against him. After leaving him powerless, she tries to get away but fails. As the heroes return to the Amazonian island, Hippolyta thanks Batman and Superman or their assistance, but urges them to leave.

This was a hilarious episode. James Woods is great as Lex in this series. The turning into Zeus was a good moment that made me think of him as Hades in “Hercules”. I also like how Batman and Superman were second to Diana in this episode. Circe is a character I’m not too familiar, but I see a lot of potential for her in this series. I loved the one liners by Batman and Hippolyta. Those are jokes that go over kids’ heads, but they know that adults are watching as well. I’d like to see more of Diana interacting with the Amazonians, maybe have a few female heroes join her. I hope we see Ares at some point as well. Overall, a fantastic episode and this gets a big Thumbs Up.


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