Image via WB/DC Comics/ Cartoon Network

On this episode of “Justice League Action”, Brainiac attacks Metropolis. Batman, Superman, Vixen and Cyborg fight back, but aren’t effective. Needing someone to take down Brainiac’s defenses, Plastic Man volunteers. Batman and Superman reject the idea and move on to a different plan. Meanwhile, Plastic Man tries to prove that he can fight Brainiac. He uses a flock of birds as a cover to get inside the ship. Superman attacks Brainiac as Plastic Man tries to stop the shrink ray from being activated. He impersonates a robot to fly the ship away from the city. As he’s found out, more robots come and attack him. The shrinking canon becomes fully powered. With the controls smashed, Plastic Man uses his body to destroy the weapon. The ship blows up and the league thinks Plastic Man is dead, but he shows up with all of the mini worlds from Brainiac’s ship. Once Brainiac raises Plastic Man’s threat level, he has the league take a selfie with the villain.


Once again, another hilarious episode. The dynamic between Batman and Plastic Man is great. Plastic Man is a character I’ve been wanting to see again for months now. I thought using Brainiac as the villain was awesome and seeing that the unlikely hero could take him down, showing that people can surprise you when properly motivated. I want to say this is the first time we got Vixen in an episode. I hope we see more of her. This is another episode, like last week, where Batman and Superman are present, but take a back seat. I don’t really even think they have to be in an episode like this. They had Cyborg, Vixen and Plastic Man. The other roles could have been Flash or even Green Lantern. Some of the jokes were definitely meant for kids, unlike last week’s episode. I like how this series takes the characters seriously, but allows for jocularity rather than grim and gloominess. This is another Thumbs Up episode.


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