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On this episode of “Supergirl”, Guardian scares a woman and wonders whether he inspires hope or fear. Kara and Lena have lunch where Lena teases her new project. A normally peaceful alien race attacked the park. James feels dejected when he couldn’t help. Rhea and Lena have dinner and Mon-El thought he spotted his mother. Guardian tracks down the alien’s house where he finds her kid. Alex tries to question the boy, but they decide to use James. He brings the boy, Marcus, to CatCo. Mon-El brings Chinese food for Kara and discusses his mother.

Rhea and Lena continue to work on the portal device. It activates and simultaneously Marcus starts to attack CatCo. Supergirl has to save everyone before the building crumbles. Once Lena turns off the machine, Marcus was fine. At the DEO, they figure out it might have to do with Lena’s project. Kara calls but Rhea picks up. Marcus says he can find his mother and they find her and a dozen others like them. Rhea puts the portal to the maximum setting. Kara and Mon-El head to where the signal is coming from. Kara can’t shut off the machine and gets knocked out as Rhea traps J’onn in his own mind. Mon-El tried to shoot his mother but can’t. The portal allows tons of Daxamite ships to invade National City.

Before I get into any episode positives and minuses, we’ve had many easter eggs for Gotham and a certain vigilante in this series… But they made the reference that BATMAN EXISTS IN THIS UNIVERSE!!!! James makes a reference to “Clark’s vigilante friend” who strikes fear into people and Winn uses his finger to make a bat ear and says they’re more like frienemies. That means there is a Batman on this earth in the Arrowverse. That made me excited even though I’m sure we’ll never see him…. Now to the episode stuff…

Supergirl 220
Image via The CW

This was a good episode, but I feel like it is in the wrong place in the season. The James arc is not something you save until the end of the season. Regardless of that, it was actually really good. James has always been better when he wasn’t trying to be Guardian. I liked the bond he made with Marcus, but the fact that the mind control thing was stopped by the power of friendship was dumb. The relationship between Lena and Rhea was interesting except Lena just gets knocked out by a bottle and seemed to get beamed up to the ship with Mon-El and Rhea at the end. The fight between Kara and Rhea was kinda lame. The invasion sort of took precedent over the battle, which was disappointing but I’m sure they are saving it for the last two episodes.

The preview didn’t give us much to go on, but I know that Superman shows up either in this coming episode or the next. We did see Cat which is weird. In the extended promo on YouTube, we see Lillian Luthor and the DEO at odds, but I’d assume they team up. We see what I think is Lena in a red dress and Supergirl facing off again with Rhea on her ship. It seems like it’ll be an interesting episode. I won’t spoil somethings I’ve heard online for the finale, but these last two episodes might either be really great like Arrow season 2…. Or end up being like the Legends finale this season. So this episode I’ll give a thumbs up for the content, but a thumbs down for the placement.


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