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This episode picks up where last week’s ended. Savitar Barry tells Flash Barry how he was created. As the team tries to figure out how to stop Savitar, Cisco makes a machine to change Barry’s memories to stop Savitar from remembering what happened. They accidentally erased his memory and now he doesn’t know who anyone is. It affects his job and Heat Monger goes free because he can’t remember details from a case. He also doesn’t have his speed until he kisses Iris and gets… excited.

Savitar also doesn’t have his memory, leading Killer Frost to go to Team Flash for help. Wally also finds out that he doesn’t have speed because Savitar gave him his powers. Cisco tries to get Killer Frost to remember her life as Caitlin. Iris wonders if this is the life Barry was meant to have and HR and Tracy kiss and have an awkward conversation afterwards. They fix Barry’s memories and he stops Heat Monger from destroying a building. They try to get Caitlin back, but failed. Tracy tells them they need something to charge the Speed Force Bazooka and we catch a glimpse of an alien device with King Shark.

This was an interesting episode. It definitely confuses the hell out of you in the first few minutes because not really how the Speed Force and time travel work. How did Savitar first get created? There had to be someone else who was Savitar or Savitar is a creation from that Time Remnants timeline and he lost his Iris. What time line is he from? None of this questions get answered. It’s just chicken and the egg. Um… that may be good enough for those of you who don’t read comics or aren’t into SciFi, but I need better development. Savitar is a horrible villain arc and I just can’t wait for this season to end. He has the Prometheus issue, very poor backstory.

Image via The CW

Anyway, it was fun to see Killer Frost work with the Team again. I wish there was more build up to her arc though. She’s only been a villain for like two episodes and she’s back to working with them? I liked the amnesia Barry story. It would have been a great filler episode eariler in the season, but much like my thoughts on yesterday’s “Supergirl”, this was a very misplaced episode. That is indicative of a larger problem this season of DC TV had, poor writing. Maybe it’s because of the crossover or maybe it’s because they don’t have comic writers involved in the writers room. Just like Arrow, this season is suffering from third season-itis.

Looks like next week we’ll be seeing Captain Cold again. It seems like Barry goes back in time to grab him when the Legends land somewhere because you see the Waverider. I hope they don’t continue to mess the timeline up. I don’t really know where he would pick him up to do a heist, but I like the idea of Cold being back. After binge-watching “Prison Break”, I have really enjoyed Wentworth Miller’s performance as Captain Cold. Without going into Legends spoilers, I’ll just say it’ll be interesting to see how they set this up. As for the episode, it’s gonna get a thumbs down from me.


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