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In the penultimate episode, Rhea has Lena in her own room on the ship and promises to rule with her. Daxamite soldiers attack National City and the DEO. Mon-El is kept guarded in the throne room. Rhea decided to arrange a marriage of him and Lena. Meanwhile, Team Supergirl meets in the alien bar and get an unexpected visitor, Lillian Luthor. They reject her help and go out on patrol. The President talks to Rhea as she takes Air Force One to the Daxamite ship. Cat Grant shows up on Air Force One. Rhea blows up Air Force One as Supergirl saves Cat. The President is exposed as an alien. Rhea forces Mon-El and Lena to get married by threatening Luthor Children’s Hospital.

Cat Grant gives Supergirl a pep talk and she goes with Lillian to save Lena and Mon-El. They decide to use a Phantom Zone projector that Lillian stole from the Fortress. Cat says she’ll go as a distraction. Alex says she has to hurry before she first a beam, destroying Rhea’s ship. Lillian, Cyborg Superman and Supergirl use the projector at the Fortress to get to the ship. Cat Grant broadcasts a message across National City as Supergirl makes her way through the ship.

Alex powers up the Canon as Supergirl and Mon-El get abandoned on the ship by Lillian. Supergirl made a device to allow Mon-El to piggyback off Cyborg Superman’s signal. Alex has to choose between blowing up her sister and disobeying the president. Supergirl tries to convince Rhea to give up, but Superman shows up and attacks Supergirl.

Image Via The CW

This was a great episode. I loved the fight scenes and the coordination with Cyborg Superman and Lillian. Classic team with your enemy, but don’t trust them storyline. The end where Superman showed up sets up an awesome fight between the two Kryptonians. That’s for next week though. Lots happened in this episode. Lena and Mon-El teaming up to escape with cool. I’ve been saying what Lillian said to Kara… once Lena finds out Kara is Supergirl, she’ll turn on her. Hopefully that’s foreshadowing next week. I really like Rhea as a villain. Teri Hatcher is doing a fantastic job. The action scene with Alex pulling a Black Widow at the DEO was great.

Now, for the negative. I didn’t like Cat Grant and it reminded me of the horrible first season. Every time she speaks, she reminds me of a political ad. I could do without Guardian. He wasn’t as bad, but he still bothers me. There was an overtly political statement during this episode with phrases like “She wants to make Earth great”. It’s a clear dig at Trump and I’m not a fan of when they drag politics to the forefront. But of course, that’s why they had Grant come back… as the writers’ politic mouthpiece. I also didn’t like that they sidelined J’onn. I get why they did, but I still would have liked to see him helping Kara against the Daxamite soldiers.

Next episode is the finale which promises many fights. Kara vs Clark. Rhea vs Mon-El. Maybe Mon-El vs Clark? Sounds awesome, but will it be? I don’t know. Now, I think we’ll see Lena finally make her heel turn and team with *Spoiler* who was announced to be in the finale. I hope Guardian either quits being Guardian or goes to Metropolis with Clark. I want Mon-El to take the Legion ring and head off to the future with the Legion of Super-Heroes. I can always hope we meet Batman, but I know we won’t because DC hates us and gives us “Gotham”… Anyway, I will give episode a thumbs up.


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