Image via The CW

It’s the day that Iris is supposed to die and Barry picks up Snart in Siberia 1895 and brings him to ARGUS to steal an item that Lyla won’t give Barry. HR, Tracy and Cisco help from the lab. Barry and Snart run into King Shark and freeze the room to put him to sleep. They grab the Dominator tech and the door starts to close. Barry gets out, but Snart gets locked in. Meanwhile, HR asks Tracy to work at Star Labs and Iris talks to Joe. Cisco gets the door on, but the ARGUS agents and Lyla are already there.

She agrees to let them have it based on her seeing Barry stuck around for Snart. Savitar dressed as Barry finds out from HR that Iris is on Earth-2. He tricks them with his Savitar suit and sneaks up behind them. Wally gets his leg broken and Savitar runs away with Iris. Cisco goes off to fight Killer Frost as Barry goes to Infantino Street. Savitar shows up with Iris, but the philosopher’s stone protects him from the speed force bazooka and he kills Iris.

I liked the Barry/Snart team up, but I felt like this wasn’t a great lead up episode to the finale. The last ten minutes or so were the penultimate episode. It’s very disappointing to see how this season of not only The Flash, but the other DC shows were structured horribly. You can clearly see that the first 8-9 episodes were filler until the crossover. They don’t know how to write the season around the major crossover. I hope they figure it out for next season.

I don’t remember Snart and the Legends being in Siberia in 1895, but whatever. A nice Easter egg is the title of the episode, “Infantino Street”. Carmine Infantino was an artist and editor during the Golden and Silver Ages of comics. He created the Golden Age Black Canary and the Barry Allen’s suit for his introduction in Showcase #4. He also co-respondent the second version of The Human Target and Drew many comics for both DC and Marvel. He passed away in 2013, so this was a fantastic tribute to someone who was very influential in DC Comics history. Honestly was probably the best part of the episode.

As for the finale, I think we are going to see Killer Frost freeze Cisco’s hands during their fight. We’ll see them defeat Savitar somehow which probably won’t make sense. I just hope the next season sees a non-speedster villain. Abra Kadabra is a name that’s been thrown around. I think we’ll get an even more depressing Barry now that Iris is gone. I think we may even see him go dark and brooding for a while because this is what the CW does. Even if it doesn’t fit the character, they force the self-doubt and depressing characteristics onto Barry. Neither Barry nor Wally are supposed to be like that. Wally in the comics has some doubts about living up to Barry, but not to the extent that the CW has done with Barry. The previews don’t give us much so I’ll I can really do is guess. The season hasn’t had much rhyme or reason, so it does concern me. I’ll give this episode a barely thumbs up.


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