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Superman believes he’s fighting Zod and not Supergirl. They fight all over Rhea’s ship and National City. Supergirl knocks out Superman with an uppercut as the Daxamite ships hover above. They recover in the fortress and head back to the DEO, where Kara challenges Rhea to trial by combat. Elsewhere, Lillian tries to convince Lena to use one of Lex’s devices to stop the invasion. J’onn wakes up and then Clark and Kara visit CatCo. They rush over as the Supers to see the Luthor ladies. Lena explains that they can eradiate the air with lead to kill the Daxamites, but not enough to harm the humans. Mon-El would have to leave Earth.

Clark and Kara spare to prepare for her fight. They have and heart to heart before meeting Rhea. As Supergirl and Rhea fight, Superman, J’onn, M’ggan, Mon-El and a bunch of White Martians fight the Daxamites. Supergirl has to activate Lena’s bomb, forcing her to send Mon-El away in the Kryptonian ship. Clark left for Metropolis, Alex consoles Kara and M’ggan talks to J’onn. Kara talks to Cat, who knows she’s Supergirl and Mon-El gets sucked into a wormhole. A flashback to when Krypton exploded shows another child being shot out into space.

This was a great episode and finale. I loved the fight between Superman and Supergirl. Having the White Martians show up was really cool. Rhea and Supergirl going at it was awesome too. I thought Mon-El would be forced to leave, but I figured they’d go with the Legion of Super-Heroes. I liked seeing Superman and Martian Manhunter team up. I’m just glad they didn’t have James as Guardian fight the Daxamites. I was hoping that Zod would be an actual villain, but that was an okay cameo.

So it also looks like I was wrong about Lena figuring out who Supergirl is… but I thought Cat figuring out who she is took way too long. The glasses are not that big of a difference. I wonder where Mon-El ended up… did he get sent to the future anyway? And what was the deal with that other baby sent from Krypton? Is it someone like the Eradicator? I didn’t recognize that symbol. So, it’ll be curious as to what the Fate of Mon-El is and if we find out who that Baby was. Clark did mention Warworld, which was, I believe, the first matchup between him and Eradicator.

So much stuff was stuffed into this episode, but I loved it. Big Thumbs up for this episode. As for where we go next season, I hope they lose the Guardian nonsense. He is such a ridiculous character. We’ll have a wedding with Alex and Maggie maybe? Lillian is still kicking, so does Lena team with her mother after being betrayed by Rhea? It could be possible. There are so many possibilities for next season. I just hope they don’t get Third Season-itis…

Thanks for following my reviews this season. I’ll have articles throughout the summer as more news comes out.


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