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In the final episode of the season, HR switched with Iris and used his wand technology. Barry and the team go back to Star Labs after HR dies and Julian has a cure for Killer Frost. Savitar knows this and holds Cisco ransom. He threatens to kill Killer Frost if he doesn’t help him with the speed force cannon. Barry convinces Savitar to come back to Star Labs so that they can help him. He goes and agrees to have Team Flash help him. He turns on them and places the philosopher’s stone in the breech room, causing an explosion.

Savitar has Killer Frost use the cannon to help him kill Black Flash and make him a God. Instead, cisco made it so that he freed Jay. Gypsy helped Cisco escape and everyone met up at where Savitar and Killer Frost. Together they defeat Savitar and Iris shoots him. They bury HR and Barry delivers all of their wedding invitations before the Speed Force wrecks havoc on Central City. Barry has to enter the Speed force to pay for Flashpoint and says his goodbyes.

Wow… okay well, let me start with a bit of a side track. I watched the episode where Savitar explains how he came to be again and NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE! Savitar Barry was a time remnant that Barry-Prime created at some point in the future to help take down that version of Savitar. After surviving the battle, Savitar Barry had travelled back in time to become Savitar and kill Iris so that Barry-Prime becomes like him. It means Savitar Barry is from a different timeline, so he isn’t the Barry we met in 2024 when Barry-Prime went to the future. All of this means there is no way Savitar Barry can know what Barry-Prime knows because they aren’t the same Barry. So, most of this episode is illogical and poorly written and scripted.

Killer Frost’s face turn was not earned and Julian just suddenly has a cure for her. Is this why we haven’t seen him? There was no mention of research of a cure prior to this. H.R.’s little swap felt like something that the writers did, simply to keep It on the show and eliminate a Wells from the show. The retcon makes sense, but there wasn’t a real reason for him to die. His arc was very much rushed. It’s interesting how they got Jay out of the Speed Force, but how did Cisco know that would happen? He isn’t an expert in the Speed Force, which he says when Savitar has him fix the bazooka. The Speed Force thing at the end was dumb. That’s not how the Speed Force works. It wouldn’t start attacking the city. Also, It’s not supposed to be purgatory. Having Barry serve “penance” is not what the Speed Force does, but they’ve made it a God-like entity in the show. We also know that Barry will be back for the season four premiere, so Wally becoming The Flash is just a way to come full circle with Flashpoint.

This season has been very up and down, but more down than up. The writers continuously wrote themselves into corners and said “lets just use Flashpoint or the Speed Force to explain it”, which is lazy writing. I feel that the writers had to split their time between the show and the crossover, creating a disjointed season for all of the DC CW shows. I think Flash suffered the most. Flashpoint was too rushed and should have not only lasted until the crossover, but should have been resolved during it, due to it’s effect on Arrow and Legends. I was very disappointed in this season, but now it seems to be a trend that season three becomes a downturn in the DC shows. I’m worried for both Supergirl and Legends next season.

What do I see happening next season? I’m not quite sure. Thawne is gone. Black Flash is gone. They said next season won’t have a Speedster villain. We’ve already had Abra Kadabra. Maybe we see The Rogues unite with Mirror Master, Top, Plunder and others. I’ll be mildly interested to see where it goes next, but I honestly think it won’t get back to that first season greatness. I’m giving not only this episode, but the season, a thumbs down.

Thanks for following my reviews this season and I’ll have articles throughout the summer with news and other opinions.


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