“Supergirl” Season 3 Episode 2 Review

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In this villain of the week episode, Kara deals with working with Lena and faces the guilt she has about Mon-El. Meanwhile, Odette Annable’s character has issues with her daughter after saving her in the previous episode.

Spoilers Ahead


The show just keeps getting better and better, unlike the other DC CW shows. I thought the idea of Kara facing her fears was fantastic. The villain,played by Yael Grobglas (Jane the Virgin), was all in all pretty forgettable. She was essentially a psychic Scarecrow, but no backstory. She really didn’t need one anyway.

The real crux of the story had to deal with Kara’s guilt over sending Mon-El away and not knowing whether he died or not. I love that they didn’t make her grief a one off thing and make her the happy-go-lucky Supergirl again. This is the first real tragedy we’ve seen her face. Of course there is the destruction of Krypton and Jeremiah’s supposed death, but we didn’t see her face them. We’re just told about them. I think this will be an intriguing story as we lead up to however it is we see him again. It also makes her feel more human.  

Odette Annable’s character was a secondary focal point of the episode and her relationship with her daughter. The kid has some kind of psychosis and Odette doesn’t know how to handle it. I’m guessing she was the baby in the other pod from the evil looking side of Krypton. When will we see her powers actually take hold? Unfortunately, I think her daughter is a goner. She’s gonna need a reason to become bad and the death of a loved one, maybe in the aftermath of a Supergirl fight, is how they do it.

Some other quick thoughts… They are definitely setting up a James/Lena hook-up. There’s tension and googly eyes. Not only did Kara leave her pocketbook and glasses in the elevator when the fear thing kicked in, but she blasted a hole through her office. If that doesn’t scream “Kara is Supergirl”, I don’t know what does. Lastly, I loved how J’onn was able to do some mind fighting with the villain. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. I love when the focus on Martian Manhunter. He’s developed into such a fantastic character on this show. Next week is what I call the Total Recall episode where J’onn has to get to Mars. It should be exciting. I’d give this episode a 6/7.


“This is Us” Season 2 Episode 3 Review

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Kevin gets to work with Sylvester Stallone and Kate talks about their dad. Randall and Beth get a new foster kid and Jack and Rebecca have a date night.

Spoilers Ahead


I really loved having Sly on this episode. I’m tempted to give it a 7/7 based on that alone… but, I can’t. Anyway, I thought for a rare TV appearance he did great. I love how Kevin finally got a good arc for the season, even though it doesn’t look like it’ll end good for him. Seems like being Jack is a double meaning…

Moving on to Randall, I continue to really enjoy his part of the story. I thought that introducing a foster kid is an intriguing obstacle for him to overcome this season. I thought the way he handled things was good. I also like the William flashbacks. It’s great that they can keep him as part of the show in some way.

Going to flashbacks, Jack and Rebecca’s date night didn’t go a smoothly as she planned, but I liked how he told her about borrowing the money from his dad and I hope they keep the dog. As for the kids, we get a little insight into Randall’s psyche as he starts the search for his birth parents and how he tied it into the issues with his foster kid now.

I thought that the episode was good. I liked how the arcs are playing out and am excited to see if we get another episode with Sly. I don’t know if Kevin’s knee injury means he’s done with the film or if he’s just laid up for a while. No Toby was a bit of a bummer. It seems like one of the kids has to take a backseat each episode and most of the time it’s one of the twins. It’s not a bad thing, just something I’ve noticed through three episodes. So, I’ll give it a 6/7.

“Supergirl” Season 3 Episode 1 Review

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Kara deals with the loss of Mon-El as Supergirl fights a mercenary hired by a new competitor of L Corp.

Spoilers Ahead


Kara is having a rough time after sending Mon-El away, leading to her quitting CatCo. I thought the whole arc with her grief was a bit unrealistic at first, but once she started talking about it with her sister and J’onn it started being believable to me. I wasn’t expecting her to go back to CatCo so quickly, but I guess it’s expected if we’re going to see the Lena heel turn that I thought was coming at the end of last season.

I liked Adrian Pasdar as a villain. I hope we see a lot more of him. I’m also curious about this new meta who is most likely the Eradicator. The wedding is also going to be something to keep an eye on with Floriana Lima being only a special guest star this season. Is she going to die? Is she just going to be in limited episodes?

I was a bit underwhelmed with the action. I didn’t think the episode did the best job of balancing the action and emotional moments. I was also wondering why J’onn didn’t help Kara when she was underwater. The team lost contact with her. Wouldn’t you think she may be in danger since they said Kara can’t breathe underwater? It was just a bit odd to me.

Overall it was an okay season premiere. It gave a general idea of what’s happened since the finale. I’d give this a 5/7.

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“This is Us” Season 2 Episode 2 Review

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This week on This is Us, the family flies out to LA for Kevin’s taping of The Manny anniversary show. Meanwhile, Randall freaks out over their possible foster child having issues he can’t handle. Kate gets a call to perform her first gig and has to leave the taping early. Toby and Rebecca head over to watch, which doesn’t turn out well for the mother and daughter relationship. In the past, we see Jack deal with is alcoholism.

Some Spoilers Ahead


I love the flashback scenes the most this episode. Seeing the relationship between Jack and Kate was very touching. The end where he admits he has a drinking problem was a very emotional moment and her understanding is something we normally don’t see on TV. I also like how he has the family help this time. It shows that not everyone can do everything on their own and shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

I like how Kate finally told her mother what was on her mind and the stuff she’s been bottling up since she was little. Toby was probably my favorite character this episode. His jokes and sarcasm just hit every time he was on screen. I like how Beth’s dislike for Kevin’s humor came around to bite her at the end when he told her his lines helped her fall for his brother. I really related to Randall’s fear of failure, like I’m sure many others can.

I know there were some people who weren’t thrilled with the premiere, but I loved it. I think this episode will make up for some of the emotional moments they thought they missed in the first episode. I do wish they would give Kevin something substantive like Kate and Randall. The Manny tie up was good and seeing his connection with Sophie was as well, but I’m hoping next week’s episode with Sylvester Stallone will jumpstart his arc for the season. I’d give this episode a 6/7.

“The Gifted” Series Premiere Review

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As a big X-Men fan, I’ve been looking forward to “The Gifted”. “The Gifted” is a series based on the comic series “The X-Men”, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Of course like all marvel live action shows and movies, Stan has a cameo.

Spoilers Ahead. You’ve been warned.


We are introduced to the main characters, Marcos, Lorna and Thunderbird who track down an escaped mutant named Blink. As they try to get her away from the cops, Lorna is captured. We also have the Strucker family. Reed Strucker is the lead prosecutor on Lorna’s case. His kids head out to a dance, Lauren and Andy. Andy has been bullied in school and it continues at the dance, which leads to an incident involving his newly found mutant ability. We also find out that Lauren has powers, when she tries to find her brother. The federal government is now after them and they all become fugitives. Reed gets in contact with Marco, promising to get Lorna out in exchange for the safety of his wife and kids. Things go south and everyone gets away, but Reed.

This was a very interesting pilot. It did a great job of setting the scene, even for those who aren’t too familiar with the X-Men. Name-dropping the gang of mutants also helped people connect the dots. This is very timely in our present political landscape. The X-Men have always been used as allegories to the Civil Rights Movement or Gay Rights. This time they are treated the same, having their own underground railroad of sorts and the federal government’s ability to legally round them up and put them in prison simply for being different.

There was mention of a wall on the border with Mexico, which I chuckled. They also had the theme song for the 1992 X-Men Animated Series as a ringtone. Also, they don’t mention Blink and Thunderbird by name, but I recognized them based in their powers. A quick Google search verified my thoughts. It also looks like Lorna is Polaris, which is one of Magneto’s children. I went back and they did make some allusion to it. I’m not exactly sure if this takes place in the movie universe, but it would make sense given some of the references to things mentioned in “Logan”, as well as Bryan Singer directing the pilot.

Even though it doesn’t feature any top tier mutants, I did enjoy this episode. I’ll keep watching and give it my 3-6 episode trial. I’d have to give this a 5/7, simply because some of the story seemed rushed and the cliffhanger wasn’t really built up in a natural way.

“This is Us” Season 2 Episode 1 Review


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Before I get into the first episode of season 2, I’d like to just go over some of my favorite parts of season 1 since I didn’t review it last season. “This is Us” has become my favorite current series, after just one season. I loved the dynamic between Randall and William. That storyline was my favorite of last season. I’m glad that Sterling K Brown was recognized for his performance with an Emmy, but disappointed Ron Cephas Jones didn’t. I actually think Jones’s performance was the best of the two, but I digress.  Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have great chemistry. Overall, the cast is fantastic. The story is so heartfelt and it’s a show that makes this guy with a heart of stone well up now and then.

Onto the season premiere… Spoilers Ahead!


So we know how Jack may die or at least when he dies. It seems like that is the main arc for the flashbacks along with dealing with Jack’s alcoholism.

It’s the Big Three’s Birthday again, like the pilot episode. This birthday is a bit different. Randall, dealing with the death of William, wants to adopt, but Beth isn’t totally on board. But like always, they work it out as a team. Randall learns that even though he strives for perfection, he doesn’t need to emulate his parents to do it.

Toby helps Kate get the nerve to try out for a wedding band, but she freaks out seeing the skinnier women as her competition. It dregs up those old memories at the pool. I like how they didn’t just have her get over that in a season. That kind of stuff sticks with you and becomes part of who you are. After a fight between Toby and Kevin, she gains the courage to go and try out. She fails because of her lack of skill, rather than her dress size. Kevin and Toby see it as a bad thing, but it helps Kate realize not everyone sees her for her weight.

Speaking of Kevin, he deals with being on the set of the movie with Ron Howard and waiting for Sophie to get to LA. Between his siblings and his parents in the flashback, Kevin doesn’t get much story this episode. They did do a good job of setting up his arc for the season.

The separation and reunion of Jack and Rebecca were the emotional anchors of the episode. The scene at Miguel’s house between them was beautiful and heartfelt. The flash forward made it even more heartbreaking. Did Jack burn down the house while drunk? Was it an accident? Did he even die in the house? So many questions that I can’t wait for them to answer. I also think some people are worried about the sophomore curse, but if it’s like this episode then it’ll just be fine. 

I loved the episode and would give this one a 7/7. I thought everything was tasteful, even William’s appearance. There are some things I didn’t like last season, like the band stuff with Rebecca. I do wish we had some more Kevin this episode, but there just wasn’t enough room.
What did you think? What are some of your theories for the season?

“The Orville” Episode 3 Review

In the third episode of “The Orville”, the crew deals with the revelation of Bortus’s child and his customs.

Slight Spoilers Ahead


Bortus’s child was born a female in an all-male species. The custom is to correct this by making her a male. Claire refuses to perform the procedure and Ed balks at Bortus’s notion that the operation be done. This causes an issue with the Moclans. In an episode similar to the Next Generation episode “Birthright”, The Orville must travel to the Moclan homeworld and pled their case for keeping the child a female.

I thought they did a great job of balancing the opinions of the crew and Bortus. I especially loved the Rudolph stuff. Those were probably the best moments. I think this episode showed what “The Orville” is as a series. It’s not “Galaxy Quest”, but it’s not “Star Trek” either. They take the serious issues that Trek dealt with and infuse some comedy. It really all just worked in this episode. I like how the argument was to let the child decide and that Woman can be equal to men.

We get to see a bit of the Moclan culture, which seems somewhat similar to the Klingons. The discovery of a female was a nice touch, but I thought that having her be the greatest author in Moclan culture was a cool zinger. It’s similar to our history where women authors had to use initials to keep their gender ambiguous. I can also say, since I didn’t write this until after I saw the first part of the two part premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS, that this is the best Trek series since Voyager.

I’ll give this episode a 6/7. Some of the joke, once again, didn’t land completely, but the show made up for it with substance.