A guy in a ship crash lands in Mississippi during the Civil War. The Legends go after him when they his message. Ray is left behind as backup. They run into Zombie Confederate Soldiers. A Freedman bringing a message to the Union Army died in the fight, leaving the message with Jax. The time pirate that crashed was infected with a virus from the future. Mick got infected during the fight. The man who died was bring troop movements to General Grant. The Union loses the war because this man died, so Jax and Maya continue the mission while Haywood and Sara see the general.

Ray and Martin try to help Mick. Unfortunately, he becomes a zombie. As Sara and Haywood get to the Union camo, they tried to explain that zombies were heading their way. Jax goes undercover as the help to fulfill the mission. Sara brought a zombie head back as proof. Meanwhile, Ray and Martin lose Mick. He then traps the scientists in the galley. Jax gets chained up and Sara needs backup.

Maya goes in after Jax and Ray comes up with an idea to cure Mick. Sara and Haywood talk with Grant and Maya helps Jax and the slaves. As they try to escape, the zombies arrive at the plantation.
Jax and another slave head for the plans as Maya gets the rest to safety. Haywood runs with some nitroglycerin into the zombie crowd and Ray heads to the med bay. Martin finds him unconscious and goes after Mick. Haywood turns to steel and blows up the zombie army. Mick turns back to normal, Haywood stopped the zombie army and Jax set the plantation house on fire with the zombies inside. Jax brings the plans to General Grant and Sara distributes the vaccine. Ray checks up on Mick. Mick gives Ray Leonard’s cold gun and asks to be his partner. Martin checks in on Jax.

I liked this episode, even though it was a filler episode. Nothing added to the overall storyline of the season. I am a fan of history, especially American History, so this was a fun episode for me. I really appreciated the message being sent by Jax and Maya’s mission. I think it puts things in perspective to the issues of the present. Both Sara and Ray deal with their roles on the team. The acting was good and the writing was great. The only real negative I can point out is that it adds very little to the season as a whole and for that it’ll lose a lot of points. I’d score it at an 80%. I can’t reward an episode for being a filler.


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